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DNC Scrubbing
What Is DNC Scrubbing and Why You Need It

In order to stay compliant with the telemarketing sales rule, making sure you’re using either dnc scrubbed lists or a do not call list scrubber is vital in today’s era.  Without minding government regulations, you could be hit with a fined tens

Outbound Telemarketing Laws
How to Stay Compliant With Outbound Telemarketing Laws

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and State Authorities have enforced various laws surrounding telemarketing, to protect consumers from fraud and provide privacy against intrusive telemarketers. Therefore, if your company practices telemarketing, it is essential to

What Makes a Telemarketing Campaign Successful?

Telemarketing has gotten a bad rap because of all the spam calling that has happened over the years. However, according to Telemarketing, when done correctly, is a top five B2B lead generation tactic. If managed properly, outbound calls can

Top 5 Cold Calling Videos

If you search for the top cold calling videos online, you might be surprised by what turns up in your search engine results pages. While you may expect a list of videos that discuss cold calling techniques, the odds are

Consumer Lists Download Sample
How To Do Phone Number Database Maintenance

Let us suppose that you are running a business sales strategy that requires you to reach as many people as possible. When your task is cut out for you, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. You should

Best Cold Calling Scripts

The best cold calling scripts to help you call telemarketing lists are those that always begin with identifying yourself. Where possible call the client by his/her name and identify the firm you represent. Geoffrey James, an industry analyst, columnist, and author at

cold calling scripts for banking
Cold Calling Scripts for Banking

If you’re a banking sales representative, you probably think it would be fantastic if people lined up outside your office wanting to invest in alternative investments like mutual funds every day. While we think that would be wonderful too, it

Insurance cold call tips
Cold Calling Scripts for Insurance

When performing outbound calling to people in order to sell insurance, often times you will find yourself hung up on over and over and over again.   One of the biggest mistakes made by those who sell insurance over the phone is that

Tips for Cold Calling Success During the Holidays

Tips for Cold Calling Success During the Holidays The holidays are a busy time for most, and between planning upcoming travel and family visits, the last thing decision makers want to see is an unknown number on their caller ID,

How to Drive the Most Success With Your Temporary Holiday Sales Staff

How to Drive the Most Success With Your Temporary Holiday Sales Staff With the holiday spirit buzzing and customers finding themselves with a bit of extra cash burning through their wallets, they’ll be looking for places to buy that special