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We offer high quality B2B leads for your business campaigns.  Our self service web portal is open 24 hours a day, allowing you to create the perfect business phone list of businesses to call on.  Choose demographics including business revenue, industry, number of employees and more to find your next customers.  Imagine having the ability to generate new business-to-business leads any time you need them.  You’ll get 24 hour access to our business-to-business leads database so you can download as many leads as you need for one low monthly price.  Month to month – cancel any time! Connecting with businesses via the phone is a great way to to make a personal connection.

B2B Leads & Consumer Leads

In addition to getting access to our B2B lists, you’ll also get complete access to 180+ million consumers.  You can choose filters including age, income, home owners and lots more.  Whether you run just B2B campaigns, or consumer campaigns as well, the value is unmistakable.  Once you download the records, you’ll get a CSV file that can be added to a CRM or dialer.  The leads are yours for life to use for your business.

Difference Between Selling B2B and Selling B2C

If you have one of our targeted business-to-business calling lists, then you already know that you can sort our B2B lead lists based on various criteria, such as revenue, industry, or even the number of employees. Like our B2B telemarketing lists, our business-to-customer lists can be filtered to identify your top prospects. You can sort our B2C lists by age, income, home ownership, and other filters so that you only contact individual consumers who are most likely to buy your goods or services.

Our business-to-business leads are similar to our B2C lists in that they can be filtered with ease, but some significant differences exist between these sales leads. The most obvious difference is that our lists of business-to-business sales leads consist of business phone numbers, whereas our B2C lists include phone numbers to people’s homes.

Our B2B sales leads and our lists of B2C leads direct your calls to different end points, so you have to vary your approach depending on the kind of list you’re using. While the end goal of B2B sales and selling B2C is the same — to make a sale — how you go about doing either is quite different.
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Selling Business to Business

In general, the sales cycle for selling B2B is longer than it is for B2C sales for a variety of reasons. In B2B sales, your brand name is normally not enough to close a sale. In most cases, your brand is only enough to get a business to consider buying from you, which makes it necessary for you to build a relationship with your prospects in order to make sales. The sales cycle in B2B sales often involves multiple steps that lead to a final business decision that’s based on the added value your product or service will provide to the purchaser.
Selling B2B

Selling Business to Customers

In B2C sales, your brand name may be enough for a consumer to buy something from you, even if your competitors are selling the same thing at a lower price. The sales cycle is shorter in B2C sales than it is if you’re working with B2B telemarketing leads because it normally involves one single step. Unlike B2B sales, your brand identity is built through repetition and imagery rather than being contingent upon your relationship with a prospective buyer. While businesses make their purchasing decisions rationally, many individuals make emotional purchasing decisions that are driven by status, desire, or price.

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Business Leads by State

While our unlimited plan includes both business and consumer lists, our lists can also be purchased by state or province, or even the whole country at a discount.  If you’re looking for a high volume of business leads delivered quickly and pre-sorted, we can supply you with an entire state.  You may check the counts available on our Counts page.  Depending on the list you purchase it will be priced from $239-$399 and may include contact names, industries, employee size, website, revenue and more.  The lists come pre-sorted by the area code and zip code.

Benefits of Unlimited B2B Leads

These are some of the benefits for using our unlimited plan to find the right leads for your business-to-business campaigns.
  • Download unlimited records for as little as $129 a month
  • Experiment with different filters to target your best prospects
  • Access the portal 24 hours a day
  • Self service means you don’t have to depend on anyone else
  • Cancel any time with no commitments

How TelephoneLists.Biz Can Help

Even though B2B sales and selling B2C differ in many respects, your approach to each kind of sales should have the same starting point: TelephoneLists.Biz. We have affordable business-to-business leads lists and B2C sales leads that are just as cost effective.

When you work with us using the web portal, you’ll enjoy 24-hour access to our B2B leads database for one low monthly fee. You’ll also be able to access more than 180 million individual consumers. You can download as many leads as have credits and they’re yours to keep for life.  Alternatively, you can purchase our business leads by state to buy in bulk for the best value.  You’ll filter those yourself using Excel.

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