Tips for Cold Calling Success During the Holidays

The holidays are a busy time for most, and between planning upcoming travel and family visits, the last thing decision makers want to see is an unknown number on their caller ID, a salesperson trying to sell them something they’ve already convinced themselves they don’t need.

Even though the holiday season is chaotic, this time of the year is one of the best times to make cold calls and generate new sales before the new year. With a few adjustments to your sales technique, making cold calls during the season will be simple and successful.

Boosting Cold Calling Success During the Holiday Season

If you keep getting the cold shoulder during your holiday sales calls, consider these tips and tricks to improve your cold calling skills:

  • Start the day early: With shorter days and people focused on other tasks, trying to successfully sell anything in the afternoon can be an uphill challenge. Plan on finishing most of your cold calls earlier in the morning and leave your afternoons free for scheduling follow-up calls that are quick and easy to close.
  • Use upsell advantages: During the holiday season, people are more prepared to whip out their wallets and spend more money than usual — use this instinct to your advantage. When you’re having a successful sales call, don’t leave money on the table. Be ready to bundle their services with upsell products to increase revenue.
  • Tie additional promotions onto offerings: If you have a tricky cold call where the customer isn’t prepared to purchase anything new at the end of the year, be prepared with additional promotions and products that will encourage them to buy now and not later. When customers realize they can pay less now or get more services for the same investment, they’ll likely jump at the chance to save money.
  • Leverage the current fiscal year: At the end of the year, many companies are nearing the end of their fiscal period and need to spend any extra cash in their budget. Use this need to your advantage to increase your sales numbers.
  • Plan for a solid new year: The start of a new year is a time for fresh beginnings, positivity and determining new aspirations — help your customers achieve their new year goals by leveraging products to get them started on the right footing. Your product can be the solution to a problem they haven’t been able to overcome or the tool to accomplish a new goal they haven’t even started yet.

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