Life Insurance Prospecting

The success of a life insurance company is largely dependent on its ability to produce quality leads. How do you produce quality leads you ask? Through prospecting, of course! 

Start With a Plan

The sales prospecting plan will make identifying prospects and catering to prospects much more efficient. Your sales team will be able to optimize high quality prospects and save time that could have been wasted on unqualified prospects. Without a solid action plan, you will be shooting in the dark. Here are the six steps included in the prospecting plan: 

  1. Identify your ideal customer
  2. Set your goals 
  3. Develop your sales script 
  4. Outreach
  5. Create a qualification checklist
  6. Convert and repeat 

As you know, the goal of strategic prospecting is to find individuals or companies who fit the criteria and are willing and able to make a purchase of whatever you’re selling, so you must be precise in each of these steps. 

Use a Good Life Insurance Prospecting Script

Your company needs insurance cold calling scripts when calling customers, and ideally there should be multiple different scripts depending on who is being called. When a company is able to create scripts to fit the caller’s case/situation more personally, it is much more likely to be a productive call. For instance, there might be scripts for cold leads, warm leads, and customers. 

Your scripts should include an introduction, acknowledgment of the prospect’s needs, questions to guide the direction of the cold call and the end goal. By identifying the different groups in which you will prospect, you will be able to form questions that are relevant to the customer’s position and company.

Write Life Insurance Prospecting Letters 

Letters are the most personal and time consuming prospecting tools to use. However, they are also effective in producing interest and sales. Since letters are physical, they stand out amongst all of the digital ads that people see and hear each day. Having something tangible will make more of an impact on the individual. 

Ask Your Life Insurance Clients for Referrals

Your current clients are bound to know someone else in need of your service. Asking for a referral from your client is the easiest and cheapest way to obtain new leads. This also serves a very important purpose when contacting the new leads. The agent will be able to make a more personal call because they will already know their name and be able to connect with them on the third party that they both know. 

Search for Life Insurance Prospects on Social Media

If you have effective social media outreach strategies in place you can generate life insurance prospects easily. Americans spend on average 2 hours of their day on social media. During that valuable time that consumers are spending on social media, your company could be making attempts for outreach/prospecting. 

Another study shows that many Americans like to follow companies that they are interested in and purchase from, so they can be updated on new products and new sales. 

Run Webinars and Other Online Events

Live events are great, however, they can greatly limit the amount of people that can attend. Due to this fact, a better option for hosting events are webinars and online events. There are no limitations on how many people can attend, no travel limitations, and it’s far more convenient for people to simply login to the event. 

Do a Podcast

Podcasts have proven to be useful for sharing information, entertaining, teaching, and more. Many people now use podcasts as a resource for gaining information and insights about a topic, product, or service.

 It is the perfect opportunity and channel for your company to demonstrate its knowledge of the industry. The great thing about podcasts too is that they don’t have a lot of limitations. Companies and individuals who use podcasts have more freedom to upload content that they normally wouldn’t post on other channels because there are set standards in the podcast realm. 

Get Life Insurance Lead Lists

While it can be rather difficult to find lead lists that are specifically looking for life insurance, you can create a custom list that will help target life insurance leads. For instance, you could use filters like age range, household income, geographical location, if they have children or not, marital status, etc. 

Run a Life Insurance Telemarketing Campaign

Running a telemarketing campaign of any kind requires that you first set objectives and parameters of what needs to be accomplished. Then you can determine how to measure the success for those objectives and parameters. The measures can be numerical or non-numerical, but the important part is that there are measures in place for tracking the success of the campaign. Use some telemarketing tips to help jump start your telemarketing campaign!

Automate Your Life Insurance Prospecting

Automation brings many benefits to the table and no downsides. Here are some of the benefits of call center automation:

  • Higher agent engagement
  • Fewer human errors
  • Expanded service hours and channels
  • Reduced cost per interaction
  • Future-proof

In finding a balance between automation and the human aspect, AI can be integrated and make a positive impact. For instance, you can automate your emails for campaigns, but when a response is made to the automated email an agent can be assigned to the prospect for further communication. 

Get the telemarketing tools you need in order to prospect today!