How to Drive the Most Success With Your Temporary Holiday Sales Staff

With the holiday spirit buzzing and customers finding themselves with a bit of extra cash burning through their wallets, they’ll be looking for places to buy that special item they never knew they needed. The holiday busy season might be a bit much to handle for your current sales staff on their own — do your sales team a favor by hiring a few seasonal employees to help manage the extra work load.

The competition between different companies for seasonal employees is growing, but with a few creative tricks, you can hire the best seasonal applicants and have the most successful holiday sales season ever.

How to Hire Successful Seasonal Employees

Despite your best efforts, it’s no surprise that finding good help is difficult, especially short-term seasonal employees. For managers, finding motivated individuals that will be helpful and engaged throughout the duration of their short time with you can be challenging, but by standing apart from your competitors and attracting the most eligible, quality seasonal candidates, you can ensure your current staff and seasonal employees are successful this holiday season.

Hire the best seasonal staff with these tips:

  • Start looking early: The best tip for successful seasonal hiring is to start looking as soon as possible — the ideal time to start recruiting and screening is in September, so applicants can get on-boarded ahead of Black Friday holiday sales.
  • Create an engaging ad: The job description is the first impression a seasonal sales person will have of your company, and what you include in your ad will determine whether they’re interested in working with you or not. Succinctly sum up your company, the job description and the benefits of working for your team in a few sentences and easy-to-read bullet points with clear instruction for how to apply. Make sure to include relevant experience they’ll receive and whether the temporary job could lead to long-term employment.
  • Be visible: A great ad is only effective if it can be widely viewed by applicants. Make sure to place your job description on popular job boards and think of other creative marketing and outreach options like social media.
  • Properly screen seasonal applicants: Obviously, you can’t just blindly hire whoever responds to your post. Properly screen applicants by checking if they followed all application instructions and if they have relevant experience. During interviews, find individuals who are excited to work with you. Ask targeted questions to glean the most information possible.
  • Train and welcome seasonal employees: Once you’ve found and hired exceptional seasonal employees, make sure to make them feel like a part of your team by properly training them and giving them all the tools they need to succeed, introducing them to your current staff and encouraging their success with motivational tools and rewards.

Give Your Seasonal Employees the Tools They Need to Succeed

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