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Search and filter to find the perfect leads for your business. Download to CSV format with no hassles.

Sales Leads - Lists and Lead Generation Web Portal

How to Use the Sales Leads Web Portal

Choose Your Plan

All plans include all available types of leads, locations, demographics, and filters. The only difference is the amount of sales leads you can download monthly. No contracts, and you’ll have the ability to change or suspend your plan at any time.

Choose Your Lead Type

Once you get access to the portal, you’ll be able to select from US Consumer Leads, US Business Leads, Canada Consumer Leads, or Canada Business Leads.

Search & Filter Your Leads

Search our databases nationwide, or narrow it down to zip codes, postal codes, counties, area codes, cities, or states. You can then filter for demographics such as homeowners, age range, credit scores, mortgage info, business industry and size, and much more.

Download Your List

Select the amount of leads you wish to download and then you’ll be able to save the CSV file to your computer. Open with Excel or another CSV editor.

View List of Full Demographic Filters and CSV Headers

Sales Leads Portal Demo

See a demonstration of our easy to use web portal and how to search, filter, and download leads to CSV format.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Monthly plans with no contracts. Unused leads roll over to the next month for active customers.

3,000 Leads
$99.00 / mo
  • 3,000 Downloads per Month
  • All demographics
  • USA and Canada
  • Consumer and Business
  • No Contracts
10,000 Leads
$149.00 / mo
  • 10,000 Downloads per Month
  • All demographics
  • USA and Canada
  • Consumer and Business
  • No Contracts
50,000 Leads
$399.00 / mo
  • 50,000 Downloads per Month
  • All demographics
  • USA and Canada
  • Consumer and Business
  • No Contracts
500,000 Leads
$999.00 / mo
  • 500,000 Downloads per Month
  • All demographics
  • USA and Canada
  • Consumer and Business
  • No Contracts

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get sales leads easily by selecting demographics and filters through a web platform like and then downloading them in CSV.

Generating sales leads is possible with just a few clicks in a web platform like Choose your preferences such as home-owner status, age, or income and then download a CSV quality lead list.

You can keep track of sales leads by downloading a CSV lead list and uploading it to your own VoIP CRM or by using the “saved search” feature directly in our online platform.

To qualify sales leads, you have to call them using a dialer such as Dolphin Dialer and then identify if the prospect would be the right fit for your product or service.

Quickly classify sales leads by income level, home owner-status, age and more by choosing filters in a web platform like

Self Service Marketing Leads

Get access to our entire database of US leads for just one low monthly price.

Simply login to our web based portal, choose your demographics, and download your list! Getting your leads just got a lot easier.  It’s that simple.

  • Use local or nationwide searches to find your best prospects

  • Easy to use portal makes it simple to get new leads anytime

  • Leads are updated quarterly throughout the year for accuracy

  • USA Consumer filters: Age, Home Owners, Income, & more

  • USA Business filters: SIC, contact names, revenue, & more

  • Canada Consumers list includes name, address, phone

  • Canada Business filter includes SIC Code (industry)

Advantages of our Marketing & Sales Leads

Imagine not having to pay outrageous prices up to 20 cents per lead anymore.  With our leads program, that’s now a reality.  You’ll love the easy access portal that gives you total control over what leads you need.  With saved searches, you can test certain demographics against other demographics and find the perfect customer base for your calling or mailing campaigns.

Our sales leads are targeted, fresh, and ready for you to download in CSV format for your dialer or CRM.  And because we want to earn your trust and repeat business, they’re updated periodically throughout the year to ensure accuracy and update for the Do Not Call List.  We do not make guarantees on DNC scrubbing so you should scrub the lists as well if legally required.

Compare us with other vendors that charge monthly subscriptions but only provide 500 or less leads per month.  The value is incredible and you’ll be able to access the entire USA & Canada, both businesses and consumers.  In addition, you’ll have complete control over your list and can choose the necessary filters as needed.

Consumer Lists Download Sample

The Biggest Benefit of Using Sales Lead Lists 

Using marketing sales leads to attract new clients provides several potential benefits. The biggest advantage of using sale lead lists is generating a positive return on investment by capturing new customers without breaking the bank.

How to Connect With Your Marketing Sales Leads

A cold call is your chance to do something you’ll never be able to do with your potential buyers again — make a first impression. Whether the impression you make is positive or negative largely depends on your ability to establish a connection with your prospects.

Making a positive first impression is the foundation for establishing a lasting connection and turning a prospect into a long-term, repeat customer. Two of the most important things you can do to make a connection with your prospects are create a sales script that’s relevant to them and provide value with your words.

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