Many of the big name competitors such as InfoUsa, SalesGenie, and Hoovers charge A LOT more than we do.  These other companies have gigantic marketing budgets that drive up the costs.  Since we have an easy access web portal and specialize in selling in bulk by state, it allows us to keep our overhead costs low and provide you with amazing value without compromising on quality!

The Leads Portal database lists are updated 4 times per year, and our targeted and classic data is updated semi-annually with major updates. While it is hard to make exact estimates due to the changing nature, we are proud of our lists and estimate a high accuracy rate. Typically we estimate 80-85% accuracy on consumers and 90% on business lists but this can vary depending on locations and demographics. Consumers tend to change addresses and numbers more frequently than businesses do.

Yes, using our web portal, you will have access to both the consumer portal AND the business portal along with USA and Canada.  From there you may select the demographics you need and download your leads.  If you buy in bulk, you’ll choose either consumer or business.

The lists come in CSV format which is the standard and is compatible with Excel and most dialer systems and CRMs.

In the web portal, you’ll be able to select landline, cell, or “best.” If you choose best, you’ll get a combination of both landlines and cells.  In our bulk lists you’ll also get a combination of both unless you choose specifically Cell Phone lists.

Our data is compiled from a number of reliable and trustworthy sources including the white pages, yellow pages, credit reports, and many other directories and data sources.

No we do not offer resale rights, nor can you give it away. However, you can use the list for your company or business whenever and however else you see fit as long as you are compliant with government regulations.

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Choose your plan and start downloading fresh leads today.