Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-09-17T09:56:47-05:00
How are you so much cheaper than competitors?2019-09-17T10:02:58-05:00

Many of the big name competitors such as InfoUsa, SalesGenie, and Hoovers charge A LOT more than we do.  These other companies have gigantic marketing budgets that drive up the costs.  Since we specialize in selling in bulk by state and have an easy access web portal, it allows us to keep our costs low and provide you with amazing value without compromising on quality!

Are there any contracts or monthly fees?2019-09-17T10:02:58-05:00

With our Leads Portal plan, you pay monthly to access our entire database and the downloads are yours to keep for use with your campaigns. Month to month, cancel any time.

When we sell you a targeted or classic list by zip code, state or country, it’s a one time bulk purchase to use for your business or organization.  There are no monthly fees, or hidden charges at all on these lists.

Have these telephone lists been scrubbed for DNC (Do Not Call) compliance?2019-09-17T10:02:58-05:00

Our Web Portal Plan and Targeted Lists (USA only) include a way to filter out numbers that are flagged for the do not call list as of when they were compiled. However, if applicable, you should to register for a SAN and scrub the numbers yourself because they are constantly changing every month.

Our classic lists and Canadian leads have not been scrubbed against the DNC lists. You are fully responsible for how you use the lists provided. Visit for more info. Other services such as DNC will scrub leads for you for a fee.

Are the lists made up of land line or cell phone numbers?2019-09-17T10:02:58-05:00

The lists are primarily land line phone numbers, however, some cell phone numbers will be in the list. The percentage of land line or cell phone numbers will vary from location to location. They type of number, either cell or land line is not indicated in the list.

What format are the dialings lists in?2019-09-17T10:02:58-05:00

The lists come in CSV format which is the standard and is compatible with Excel and most dialer systems and CRMs.

Can the lists be sorted?2019-09-17T10:02:59-05:00

Our state lists come presorted by zip code and area code. When you get your list it will contain separate files for each zip code as well as separate files for each area code.  If you buy a targeted state list, you’ll have the opportunity to sort through demographics on your own using excel or a csv editor.  If you use our leads portal, you can pre-filter the leads before downloading.

What demographics are included in your lists?2019-09-17T10:02:59-05:00

Click here to view a full list of demographics available for each of our lists. Or you can request a sample on our homepage and have it instantly sent to your email.

What is the count in my state or zip code?2019-09-17T10:02:59-05:00

For a count of states or provinces, click here. To request a zip code count, click here.

Does the business list contain SIC codes?2019-09-17T10:02:59-05:00

Our Targeted Business Lists and our Leads Portal do contain SIC Codes and descriptions. Our classic lists contain Business Codes which is very similar. These can be sorted by industry.

Where did you get your data from?2019-09-17T1