If you search for the top cold calling videos online, you might be surprised by what turns up in your search engine results pages. While you may expect a list of videos that discuss cold calling techniques, the odds are reasonably good that your SERPs will include links to a bevy of articles and blog posts that provide advice about how to get over your fear of cold calling and offer cold calling tips.

Although articles and blog posts can undoubtedly help you improve your cold calling results if you act on the advice they provide, people will learn more from a video than an article or blog post, even if it’s authoritative and well-composed — that’s because about 65 percent of the population consists of visual learners.

When you think about the content that typically goes viral, it underscores people’s preference for videos quite well. While articles and blog posts don’t usually go viral, viewers are eager to share videos with their friends and family members.

With 55 percent of people watching videos online daily and nearly 60 percent of executives saying they’ll watch a video instead of reading written text when both are available, it’s clear that many people prefer videos over printed material. If you’re one of those people and you work in an industry that requires you to cold call prospects, you’ve come to the right place for videos to help you reach the next level of success with cold calling.

Videos by Claude Whitacre

Unless this is your first attempt at finding YouTube cold calling scripts and other videos that discuss cold calling techniques, you’ve probably heard of Claude Whitacre. Whitacre has been a successful salesperson for more than four decades, and he shares his tips for success in an ongoing, active blog, YouTube videos and books available from popular outlets like Amazon.

While Whitacre claims he no longer has to cold call to generate business since he receives referrals from his loyal base of clients, he does provide meaningful tips about cold calling based on his past experiences. In a video published in December 2013, Whitacre discusses a basic rule for success in cold calling that’s often overlooked in too much content that provides cold calling tips: The need for speed.

In a video entitled, “Cold Calling Tip: Best Cold Call Ever. Sorting to Sell by Cold Calling,” Whitacre likens cold calling to panning for gold. Like a gold miner must quickly sort treasure from the dirt and rocks that hold it hostage by panning or using a wash plant, cold callers must contact as many prospects as possible to quickly separate their most promising leads from individuals who don’t have an interest in their goods or services.

To emphasize his point, Whitacre recalls a cold call he received years ago when people had to pay for long distance phone service. After he answered, the caller immediately told Whitacre they sold long distance phone service for four cents per minute. The caller quickly followed up that opening by asking Whitacre if he wanted to learn more, a question Whitacre responded to with a yes.

By conducting the call in this manner, the caller successfully informed Whitacre about the point of the call quickly and got Whitacre to commit to learning more. If Whitacre didn’t have an interest in long distance service, the caller would have terminated the conversation having invested only a very limited amount of time in the exchange. In other words, the caller separated the gold, meaning Whitacre, from the dirt, meaning everyone who didn’t have an interest in the services he was selling, quickly and efficiently.

With speed being so crucial to having success in cold calling, it’s vital to have leads lists that already include promising prospects. And that’s what you’ll get from EVS7 — prospect lists that will help you separate the “gold” from the “dirt” faster than your competition.

Leading Cold Calling Videos

While Whitacre’s videos are certainly worth watching, they’re far from the only view-worthy cold calling videos available online. We’ve put together a list of five must-see cold calling videos to watch if you’re trying to up your cold calling game.

In the following cold calling videos, you’ll learn a lot of different techniques, and even see some exciting live phone calls in action.  Take it all in, use what you learn, and be persistent, and surely you’ll start to see results.

1.  How to Nail the First 30 Seconds of a Cold Call by Bryan Casella

A simple yet effective cold calling video that discusses getting over the hump of the first 30 seconds. When you first make a call, it’s critical you make a good first impression or you won’t get anywhere.  Bryan does a great job at giving tips to get in the door and create trust.

2. Prospecting Call Live with Derek Lipski

In this video Lipski demonstrates a live call to a client regarding the selling of his home which has recently come off a property list after not selling in the previous 6 months. Showing advanced sales techniques, Lipski demonstrates persistence, understanding, and offers solutions. Lipski also demonstrates how to generate interest from the client, and builds client understanding.

3. Cold Calling – How to Nail the First 20 Seconds and Engage Your Prospect by Rapid Learning Institute

As part of an extensive program for sales professionals, this video demonstrates the need for effective cold calling. Designed for amateurs who have no experience with cold calling, experienced agents who at times still suffer rejection, and seasoned professionals who have to force themselves to make cold calls to reach quotas. Considered tips and professional advice in this video will make cold calling a much easier prospect.

4. Cold Calling Marketing Techniques: Getting Past Gatekeepers by Cesar L. Rodriguez

This is one of the best videos you’ll find if you want to learn how to get past the gatekeeper when cold calling. Rodriguez offers interesting techniques for making cold B2B calls, and getting past gatekeepers to talk to key decision makers in any company. He discusses the problems associated with not having names for people in the correct department, and advises research on the company. Rodriguez also suggests that taking a more relaxed and casual approach will often get you past the gatekeeper, particularly if you have a friendly demeanor and appear to know the person to whom you wish to speak, or can address a perceived problem by offering help. Rodriguez also suggests being creative and having an angle will likely result in successfully reaching the person that makes executive purchasing decisions.

5. Selling The Invisible: Four Keys to Selling Services by Christine Clifford

Clifford uses role play and calls on personal experiences to demonstrate why people will choose your service, arguing that prices and fees indicate quality where the higher the price is an indicator of better quality to the customer. Clifford discusses what the brand tells you about the product, and how to make the client feel better about themselves. Clifford also establishes the difference between a product and a service and advises the importance of thinking with our eyes. This is a very engaging, interesting and thought provoking video which promotes establishing a relationship with your clients, risk taking, courage, belief, optimism, and confidence.

These cold calling videos should give you a pretty good idea on what works and what won’t work.  Each person will have a different style though, and the important thing to find what works best for you and then develop that to the best possible ability.   If you need something to call, we have affordable telemarketing leads available!