Real Estate Prospecting
The housing market is hot hot hot! Prospecting however can be not so hot if you don’t know where to start or how to do it. We have got 15 of the best real estate prospecting ideas that will help you thrive! 
  1. Send Real Estate Prospecting Postcards

  2. It can be difficult to stand out in the real estate industry. That’s why doing something out of the ordinary and maybe even a little old fashioned will catch the prospect’s attention for sure. It also sends a message that you are personable and passionate about what you do, which are desirable qualities people look for in a realtor, as buying or selling a house is a time consuming and emotional process. 
  3. Get to Know Your Neighborhood

  4. As a realtor, you are expected to be knowledgeable about the area and well known in the community. By getting to know your neighborhood, you are accomplishing both. Look at the communities within the communities, the desirable hot spots,  and understand the unspoken rules or norms of the neighborhood, etc.   
  5. Try Door-to-Door Real Estate Prospecting

  6. You want your face to be well known in the community, so why not try door-to-door prospecting. It doesn’t need to be as time consuming as you probably think it would be. A simple introduction about who you are, what you do and giving them a business card will suffice. 
  7. Hone Your Real Estate Prospecting Script

  8. Have you ever tried a real estate cold calling script for making cold calls? If you haven’t, you are going to want to give it a try. Cold calling is still one of the most effective ways of prospecting and will instantly build a relationship with the customer.  Being able to speak with someone, as opposed to seeing their realtor business sign, is much more personal and gives that person an opportunity to ask you questions in real time. 
  9. Build a Modern Website That Evokes Trust

  10. Having a website will automatically add to your credibility because it shows that you took the time to brand your company and it provides a platform for FAQ’s, inquiries, etc. Here are a few things that take place in setting up a website: 
    • Purchase a domain and hosting plan
    • Set up your website
    • Customize it
    • Add properties 
    • Get paid for ads and for advertising user’s properties
    • Allow online payments
    • Promote to get more submissions
  11. Write Real Estate Prospecting Letters

  12. Letters are incredibly thoughtful and personal. The process of buying and selling a home can be emotional and scary. This is why customers look for a realtor that they can trust in this process. By sending a personal letter, you are assuring the customer that you are looking to get to know them and their needs on a more personal level, which the customer will appreciate.  A few tips when is comes to writing a letter are to:
    • Introduce yourself and make it a bit personal
    • Add a photo
    • Share a brief story of finding your own house or helping another person find their dream home
    • Give them your contact information, social media, etc
    • Keep it brief 
  13. Get in Touch With Past Clients

  14. There are many benefits to reaching out to past clients. The most obvious is to get referrals, but you can also get feedback on how their experience was or tips on how you could have made the process a even better.  Not only can you receive referrals and get good feedback, but they just might keep you in mind to refer to their friends if you take the time to discuss their satisfaction with the service you provided.   
  15. Have Real Estate Prospecting Flyers Designed for You

  16. Being in the real estate business is all about getting your name and face out there. Having a flyer made will aid in doing just that. Depending on the size of your town this may be more or less beneficial. In my town of 40k people the local donut shops and city hall have walls dedicated to local business flyers. People have found great success in putting up their flyers in local businesses and you might find it works well for you too. 
  17. Make FSBO a Part of Your Daily Routine

  18. For sale by owner (FSBO) prospecting is incredibly profitable. You would think it would be the opposite but it’s not! Nine out of ten FSBO prospects end up hiring a realtor once they start the process. According to the statistics you are likely to gain the business of the majority of the prospects you contact. Here are 5 ways to prospect FSBO
  19. Be Active on Social Media

  20. A staggering 82% of Americans are on social media. People use social media for news, entertainment, and social engagement. For your business you can appeal to all three categories by:  
    • Posting on Twitter
    • Create a Facebook Group
    • Making reels on Instagram
    Whatever social media engagement you do it’s important that you remain constant, up-to-date with your ideal buyers, and post relevant content!
  21. Sponsor an Open House

  22. I’m convinced that most, if not all, people will stop in at an open house on the weekend. Everyone wants to see the interior design and perhaps get a free cookie. This is a great way to meet the community, and find potential buyers. 
  23. Meet Your Prospects Online

  24. Make yourself easily accessible to your prospects. You could lose business if you only allow for meetings in person. People have quite busy schedules and find their time valuable, so having the option to do a quick zoom meeting or facetime is going to increase your opportunities for business. 
  25. Use Real Estate Prospecting Tools

  26. With so many tools at your disposal, you might as well take advantage of them. Here are a few notable ones: 
    • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    • Leedfeeder
    • Capterra
    Don’t forget Real Estate CRMs:
    • Contactually
    • Follow Up Boss
    • LionDesk
  27. Attend Networking Events

  28. Going to networking events is very beneficial in knowing who the competition is, building partnerships, and building your personal brand. Not all realtors in any given area have to be considered your competitors. Most realtors have a niche that they focus on within the market. Finding the realtors that aren’t in your specific niche and building a relationship with them will be beneficial for both parties when a prospect might not be right for them but would be right for you and what you specialize in.  It is also to your benefit to know who you directly compete with and you may find that keeping a strong relationship with them is beneficial too. After all, the housing market is a big market and there is usually enough business to go around. Its best to keep relationships that benefit both parties, as opposed to an every-man-for-themselves mind set. 
  29. Connect With Local Businesses 

  30. Spend your time at the local coffee shops, going to festivals, and helping charity organizations in your town. Do whatever you can to be involved in your community, get to know it better, and know its people. Lastly, find and recommend local workers to recommend household services too (EX:plumbers, electricians, landscapers, artists). These are relationships that help connect you with local businesses and help you find prospects too.   

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