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Preview Auto Dialer
Why Preview Dialers Are Perfect For Cold Calling Businesses

Preview dialers are automatic dialing devices that allow agents to view customer details from a list of numbers on the screen prior to calling. A preview or power dialer is connected to a telephone line and can be used by

Design a Cold Call Script
Cold Calling Script: How to Write a Phone Script

How Do You Write a Cold Call Script?Your cold call script should contain several essential elements. It should introduce you and the organization you represent so there is no confusion as to who you are. You should also acknowledge your prospect’s

Cold Calling
Telemarketing for Dummies: All the Tips a Beginner Needs

Many people who work in the sales industry know what the term ‘cold calling’ means. What many people don’t know is that mastering cold calling techniques is a stepping stone to success. While there is no magic formula that will