Custom Lead Lists

If you are interested in custom lists, we can build one for you based on your particular specifications. Simply choose your location and select your target based on demographics, business or residential.  Request a count for more details.

  • 15+ Valuable Consumer Demographics including Age, Home Owner, & more
  • 15+ Valuable Business Demographics including Industry, Contact Name, & more
  • View Complete List of Fields & Demographics included
  • Perfect Lists for precise targeting in a specific industry or niche
  • Price: $.05  per lead per first 10k leads, $.04 for each lead after, Minimum Order:$50
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Custom Lists

Custom lists help you to target your best customer. Creating custom lists involves  doing the necessary research to provide valuable consumer and business demographics for a particular business and then targeting your call list accordingly. This practice saves you time and money in the sales process and leads to higher conversion rates.

We offer lists with thousands of entries for focused targeting in a particular industry or niche. You can use these lists for telemarketing in combination with mailing follow ups for better results.  Some of our niche groups for custom lists include:

  • Home Owners or Renters in a certain income bracket
  • Businesses by industry with a range of revenue or total employees

Effective Telemarketing

When custom information is available to your telemarketing sales team, they are in a better position to tailor their call script to create better customer engagement and sales.  Custom lists also reduce the sheer volume of calls your sales team needs to make to establish call engagement. With more generic lists, telemarketing generally involves two or more calls. The first call is used to establish the customer needs and contact person. The second call is then used to communicate the goods or services to the established contact. Custom lists enable your sales team to reduce the calls needed to make the sales pitch. Prospects in custom lists can be  identified on the basis of several important factors including house hold income, home value, or business size.

We offer these lists after a comprehensive qualification process to determine the accuracy of the information contained in them. You can depend on us to provide only useful information about the best prospects for your business.

The Value of Industry-Specific Calling Lists

What’s the difference between a list of industry-specific telemarketing leads and a generic list of business sales leads? Industry-specific call lists can save your team time because they include the contact information for people in the specific market niche you’re targeting, while a generic list of sales leads may include records for thousands of people who are outside of your target market.

This means a generic list may waste your team’s time and resources on leads who simply don’t have a legitimate need for the products or services you’re selling. It also means industry-specific calling lists are more valuable than lists of generic sales leads.

Phone Number Lists for Sale by Industry

When you’re looking for cold call lists for sale by industry, it’s important that you’re able to get a customized list based on demographics for the industries you’re targeting. At TelephoneLists.Biz, we have calling lists for sale by industry that can be filtered in accordance with various demographics, including:

  • Annual sales revenue
  • Number of employees
  • Title of contact
  • SIC business code
  • Industry description
  • And more!

Being able to sort a list using demographics gives you the ability to contact your best prospects first, which can lead to more sales faster. Since industry-specific calling lists have the ability to yield more sales in a comparatively shorter period of time, why wouldn’t you shop for call lists for sale by industry instead of a generic list of sales leads that can’t be filtered based on demographics?

Buying an Affordable Industry Phone List From TelephoneLists.Biz

Buying industry-specific call lists from TelephoneLists.Biz isn’t just easy — it’s also affordable. All you have to do is choose the industry and locations you want to target, and we’ll create a custom list of sales leads based on the demographics you choose.

With a minimum order of just $50 and our per-lead price dropping by 20 percent after the first 10,000 leads you buy, our custom lists will fit into any budget. Chat with us online or complete our contact form to learn more today.

Quality Leads at Unbeatable Prices

  • Lists are delivered to you in CSV quickly by email
  • The leads are yours for life, no subscription required
  • We are proud of our data and it’s quality
  • Lists are Compatible with CRMs and Dialers
103.2 Million Consumers 90
16.1 Million Businesses 75
81 Million Home Owners 90
28.6 Million Senior Citizens 70