The best cold calling scripts to help you call telemarketing lists are those that always begin with identifying yourself. Where possible call the client by his/her name and identify the firm you represent. Geoffrey James, an industry analyst, columnist, and author at Menu Inc. gives a very good example of how to make cold calls using this methodology and includes excellent advice for successful cold calling. His article ‘Cold Calling Script: Make a Call That Works’, and associated links may be found at

Bill Good of Bill Good Marketing discusses the importance of well-crafted lines in his article ‘Winning Scripts for Cold Calling’. Originally published in the July 2009 issue of Research Magazine, Good’s insightful and well-researched article, with links to his book ‘Hot Prospects’ and other similar articles including ‘I Love to Cold Call’, can be located at

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Top Cold Calling Scripts

  1. is a web site devoted to improving the skills and techniques of sales people including the use of body language, emotional intelligence, and selling methods. “Cold Calling Techniques’ is an outstanding and comprehensive article compiled by Ari Galper who summarized his ‘Unlock The Game’ cold calling methodology. The article includes detailed potential and methodology strategies, effective tips and techniques, and the underpinning principles of cold calling.

    Further information relating to Ari Galper’s cold calling training systems, techniques, and products can be accessed at Unlock The Game.

  2. Michael Halper has contributed several articles on the subject of cold call scripts to Each are well written and informative, and include, ‘9 Keys to Writing a Good Cold Call Script’, ‘How to Improve Your Cold Call’, ‘3 Key Things to Include in Your Cold Call Script’, and the ‘How to Get Around Cold Call Objections Ebook’. For a direct link to Michael’s articles, go to

  3. One of the best resources on the internet for cold call scripts is undoubtedly This link will take you directly to Bill Good’s Financial Cold Calling Resource Page which is free to registered users (registration is also free), and provides all of Good’s cold calling articles from 2000 to 2012. A wealth of information is stored here, and well worth the small amount of time it requires to register.

  4. John Tabita is a marketing specialist and Digital Strategy Director at His article ‘How to Write an Effective Cold Call Script’, includes good advice, essential ingredients to a good script, and shares a quality video ‘How To Pitch Anything In 15 Seconds’, and 5 links to related articles.

We’ve also written a few scripts ourselves for cold calling for everyone and here specifically for those in Real Estate.  Good luck, I hope you found these cold calling resources to be useful! We also compiled a big list of the top predictive dialers and auto-dialers for your consumer lists viewing as well.