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USA and Canada

Purchase our classic business lists of an entire state or province for a flat price!  Get an incredible amount of contacts, with each contact costing just a fraction of a penny.  These business lists come with basic information for your telemarketing campaigns and are presorted by zip code and area code.

  • Includes Business Name, Full Address, Business Code, Business Description
  • Available for the USA and Canada
  • Perfect Lists for general Cold Calling
  • Save $40 per list when you buy multiple lists at once
  • Price: $239 per State or Province or $1995 for USA and $995 for Canada

Targeted Business Lists USA Lists
USA Only

Targeted business lists come with valuable data that you can use to maximize your targeting efforts. Simply filter the list to narrow it down by demographic and call the best leads. Save time calling prospects unlikely to buy your product or listen to your cause. Purchase business lists by state and receive them presorted by zip code.

  • Includes Business Name, Full Address, SIC Code, Business Description
  • 15+ Valuable Demographics including Contact Names, Revenue, and more
  • View Complete List of Fields & Demographics included
  • Filter Your Lists in Excel to Find the Perfect Demographic You Need
  • Price: $399 per State, $79 per Zip Code, or $3495 for USA (Less than 1¢ per lead) is rated 4.2/5 stars based on 5 reviews on Google.

Every list of business phone leads isn’t created equally. While no list is absolutely perfect, depending on the company you use to get your business leads list, your list may include many outdated phone numbers or inaccurate information. If you’re looking for business phone number lists for your telemarketers, it’s critical that you purchase your lists from a company that updates its database in keeping with a regular schedule and provides the most current information available.

When you choose TelephoneLists.Biz as your resource for business lead lists, you can rest assured that our database is updated regularly. We provide accurate information about the prospects included in all of our affordable business phone lists. Our targeted lists also have the built-in flexibility for you to target the specific prospects that are most likely to have an interest in what you’re selling. You can use many insightful demographics such as industry, business size, revenue, and more to filter the lists of business leads you buy from us.

We offer high quality, up-to-date business lists for targeted B2B telemarketing. The key to success with business lists is to utilize all the selections available and sort for the most likely prospects. Check out our classic and targeted business lists and buy the lists that will provide you the best business investment.

Growing Your Business by Targeting Businesses

Sort business lists based on business type such as home-based, medium or small, and industry. Filter and target your best prospects by their SIC to maximize sales time and effort for a higher conversion rate. While our classic business lists perfect for broad based cold calling programs, we always recommend that our customers consider targeted business lists once they understand the basic dimensions of their target audience.

Targeted lists come with more information for categorizing different business and industry types. Targeting a specific category would enable your telesales professionals to be more informed about questions pertaining to an industry and business, so that they do not repeat scripted dialogues. Nowadays, this is essential for success in telemarketing.

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Quality Leads at Unbeatable Prices

  • Lists are delivered to you in CSV quickly by email
  • The leads are yours for life, no subscription required
  • We are proud of our data and it’s quality
  • Lists are Compatible with CRMs and Dialers
103.2 Million Consumers 90
16.1 Million Businesses 75
81 Million Home Owners 90
28.6 Million Senior Citizens 70

Tips for Successful Cold Calls Using Our Business Phone Lists

telemarketer doing a cold call

Once you’ve sorted one of our targeted business lead lists, you need to use some proven techniques that can help you get the most out of every cold call you make. Here are some tips that will help you improve your success rate:

  • Develop an Appropriate Greeting: The way you greet someone on the phone lays the groundwork for how the remainder of the conversation is going to go. A lot of telemarketers greet people with a “Hello.” Set the stage for a successful cold call by greeting prospects professionally. Instead of saying “Hello” or “Hi,” greet your prospects with a “Good morning, Mrs. Smith” or “Good afternoon, Mr. Stewart.”
  • Introduce Yourself: Follow your greeting by introducing yourself and your company. Don’t launch into an in-depth description of your products, which will give a prospect the chance to reject you immediately. Instead, make your introduction general while mentioning something about your products or services that may benefit your prospects.
  • Express Appreciation: Always thank your prospects for letting you take up some of their time after you introduce yourself. As you’re thanking them, assure them you won’t take up more than a few minutes of their valuable time. Remember to thank your prospects again at the end of every call.
  • Explain Why You’re Calling: It’s normally advisable to explain why you’re calling in the form of a question that’s designed to get your prospects to answer with a yes. Here’s an example of this kind of question: “If we can help you manufacture your products at a lower cost, would you want to know more about our services?”
  • Schedule a Time to Meet: If a prospect is interested in what you’re selling, schedule a time to meet while they’re still on the phone with you. If the meeting is more than a few days away, be sure you follow up with your contact a day or two before the scheduled meeting to confirm they’re still available.

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