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How to Motivate Your Sales Reps Without Money

How to Motivate Your Sales Reps Without Money Does your office space have a variety of inspirational messages tacked onto the walls of the sales floor — posters like the cute kitten clinging to the branch of a tall tree

How Active Listening Helps You Increase Sales

How Active Listening Helps You Increase Sales The last time you were the initiator or recipient of a sales or service call, did you find the entire process to be a bit frustrating, where neither you or the person you

12 Worst Cold Calling Mistakes and How to Fix Them

12 Worst Cold Calling Mistakes and How to Fix Them There’s no one right way to ensure successful cold calls. Your sales team has a difficult job to do, and mistakes are naturally more common than you may think. But if your sales reps are

What Is Cold Calling?

Cold calling is exactly what its name implies — an unsolicited call placed to an individual consumer or a business with the goal of selling the call’s recipient goods or services. Now, what’s the difference between telemarketing and cold calling?

B2B Sales Challenges with TelephoneLists
Overcoming 5 Common B2B Sales Challenges

A B2B sales campaign, like any other sales initiative, needs thorough planning – right from conceptualization to execution. It is, however, also true that from the moment you kick start a B2B sales campaign, different challenges, ranging from identifying and

Sales Personalities with TelephoneLists
5 Types of Sales Personalities: Which one are You?

As a business, you may have the best custom lead list, cutting-edge telemarketing software and automation tools to simplify workflows; however, selecting the right sales people and grooming them always remains a challenge. If you have the right people on

Improve Call Center Conversions with TelephoneLists
7 Effective Approaches to Improve Call Center Conversions

Telemarketing and client satisfaction are two of the most crucial aspects of a business. Despite the emergence of other web-enabled avenues, many companies continue to incorporate telemarketing in their marketing strategies to connect with potential clients without having to break

Inside Sales Rep with TelephoneLists
5 Must-Have Skills for Every Inside Sales Rep

Inside sales has come a long way during the last decade. A recent survey by Harvard Business Review suggests that, compared to outside sales, inside sales reps can bring in new leads at 40 to 90 percent less costs. Though

Telemarketing List with TelephoneLists
An 8-Step Guide to Help you Segment Your Telemarketing List

Using a custom lead list helps you target your customers better, thereby, enabling your agents make the full use of their man hours. A custom telephone list is an effective marketing tool as you can come up with specific calling

Telemarketing Lists strategy with TelephoneLists
7 Handy Tips to Help you Improve Effectiveness of Your Telemarketing Lists

Using telemarketing lists to target customer bases is an integral part of the marketing strategy adopted by corporates all over the world. Telemarketing is interactive and helps you create rapport with your customers, thereby enabling you reach out to a