Headers on Spreadsheet (CSV)

USA ConsumerUSA BusinessCanada ConsumerCanada Business
First NameBusiness NameFirst NameBusiness Name
Last NameAddressLast NameAddress
CityZip CodeProvincePostal Code
StatePhone NumberPostal CodePhone Number
Zip CodeFAXPhone NumberSIC Code
CountyAnnual SalesSIC Description
Phone Number# of Employees
Owner/RenterContact Title
Credit RatingContact Name
Home ValueWebsite
House Hold IncomeSIC Code
AgeSIC Description
Birth MonthNAICS Code
Most Recent Mortgage DateNAICS Description

Filters Available in Portal

USA ConsumersUSA BusinessesCanada ConsumersCanada Businesses
Phone Preference (Known DNC Scrubbed)SIC Code (industry)No Duplicate NumbersSIC Code (industry)
No Duplicate NumbersNAICS Code (industry)
Phone Type (Cell / Landline)Sales Volume
Home Owner / Renter# of Employees
Age RangeContact Name Preference
Household IncomeSmall Business
Home ValueHas Website
Net WorthSQ Footage
Credit Rating
Marital Status
Birth Month
Has Children
Business Owner
Property Type
Year Built
Has Mortgage
Est. Mortgage Amount
Most Recent Mortgage Date
Interest Rate
Mortgage Type
Length of Residence
Air Conditioning
Language Spoken

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