Telemarketing Campaign

Don’t let your telemarketing campaign intimidate you. Telesales are still one of the most successful ways to sell! With the right resources and our cheatsheet, you’ll be able to run your campaign with ease. Let’s take a look at how!

What Is a Telemarketing Campaign?

By definition, a telemarketing campaign is an organized action to achieve a goal through selling goods or services by means of phone calls. 

Telemarketing itself by definition is far more complex. Our telemarketing guide for beginners will help you understand the full scope of telemarketing and all that it requires. 

The Difference Between B2B and B2C Telemarketing Campaigns

The first and most obvious difference between b2b and b2c telemarketing is the audience to which you are selling. Since the audience (Target Market) is different, several other aspects of the type of telemarketing you are using will change. For instance: 

  • Since a business is promoting its product or service to another business, there are typically fewer ideal candidates.
  • There is a greater emphasis on relationship building because there are fewer customers. 
  • Occasionally b2b telemarketing will have partnerships, so that both businesses receive more benefits than just the purchase.
  • Usually, b2c telemarketing will have a bigger selection for candidates than b2b telemarketing. 
  • Since there are more available candidates there is less emphasis on relationship building with each candidate. 
  • In b2c telemarketing the consumer usually has many other options, so the key is to work against the competitors. 

You now know the difference between B2C and B2B telemarketing now let’s see how to setup B2C telemarketing campaign.

Limitations of a Telemarketing Campaign

The limitations of a telemarketing campaign consist of setting the expectations right before launching the campaign, the return on investment, and how long the business can support telemarketing activity till the ROI return. 

It’s common to have telemarketing challenges, so you need to prepare for them. Read about the 3 major telemarketing challenges and their solutions, so when the challenge arises you will know what to do. 

Typical Telemarketing Campaign Results & Expected Response Rate 

Each telemarketing campaign is unique in its target audience, approach, management, and goal, therefore the results will be unique to each campaign. As you complete campaign results you will gather an understanding of what to expect from your campaign results. 

Although you can try to compare your campaign results to those of your competitors, it isn’t wise to assume your company will have similar or greater results. Instead, compare your company’s results now to your company’s results then, so you can see your company’s growth and understand what is working for your company. 

Telemarketing Campaign: Cold Calling Archive 

How to Create a Successful Telemarketing Campaign?

Now let’s take a look at how to create a successful campaign. We will do this by defining the who, what, when, why, and how. 

  1. Define the Target Market for Your Telemarketing Campaign

  2. Your targeted market determines how you market, where you market, the platforms for marketing, etc, so you must know who your target market is. Also, keep in mind that you could have different target markets for each product or service the company offers. 

    When looking for ways to determine and define your target market use these  3 Critical Research Areas For Your Telemarketing Database to get more accurate results. 

  3. Set the Telemarketing Campaign Goals

  4. The goals you set need to be measurable and achievable within the amount of time your campaign will take. Making smaller goals along the way will boost morale and encourage your team to reach the big picture goal. 

    Lastly, when your goal is set make sure everyone on your team is aware of the goal(s) so they know what they are working towards and what will be expected of them to achieve it. 

  5. Build Telemarketing Lists

  6. Your sales will only be as good as your call list, so building a good one is vital to your success. Looking back to your target market, you will be able to create requirements for your list, like age range, geographical location, occupation, etc. Having specific needs for the list you are looking for helps you find a company that can provide that. 

  7. Create Telemarketing Scripts

  8. It’s no secret that it’s difficult to telemarket and it’s not easy creating a telemarketing script either, that’s why we have made it our goal to find the best cold calling scripts available so you don’t have to. Take a look at some tips on writing the best cold calling scripts. 

    • Make your intro shocking or surprising or enticing (you have to gain their attention)
    • Keep your talking to a minimum (tell them who you are, the company, and what the product or service can bring to their lives) 
    • Leave room for listening (you need to know the customers’ interests/needs if you are going to sell to their interests/needs)
    • Don’t push too hard to sell on the first call (focus on building the relationship instead).

    Pro Tip: For the best sales results be persistent and give them time in between each call to consider the offer. 

  9. Plan the Telemarketing Campaign Budget

  10. If you have other campaigns to compare to, you should be able to look at the ROI’s from them and determine a campaign budget based on the expected ROI gathered from the average of the other campaigns. 

    If you do not have other campaigns to compare to, then start small. Take into consideration the agents’ wages, the software/telemarketing tools, the phone list, and other factors that will be used to run the campaign to give you a budget. Once you have defined the budget stick with it and learn from the campaign ROI, so in the next campaign, you will have a better understanding of the money you could put towards the campaign. 

  11. Use the Right Telemarketing Tools

  12. The three essential telemarketing tools you will need to include are:

    • Sales Automation Software (to take care of the repetitive daily task)
    • Agent Desktop/Cloud Software (to make calls and campaigns with)
    • Multi-Channel Communication (to connect and communicate with customers are channels that they prefer or work best for them) 

    The tools mentioned above are vital to your campaign but they aren’t the only tools that can add value to your campaign. Our newest resource is available to help you understand the other tools at your disposal and help you get the tools you’ll need for your Telemarketing Toolbox for 2021!

    Analyze Your Telemarketing Campaign

    How can you analyze your telemarketing campaign you ask? Here’s how, by: 

    • Test Scripts
    • Test Other Elements
    • Track Results
    • Compare to Other Periods/Campaigns 
    • Apply Changes

    With the knowledge/ results you gain from analyzing the company’s campaigns, you will be able to infer conclusions based on the results and improve your campaigns as you learn from the data. 

    Improve Your Telemarketing Campaigns

    Here are the last two pieces of advice. Implement automation into your telemarketing campaign and use telemarketing software. Not only will they make your job easier, but they will also improve your telemarketing campaign by keeping it orderly, speeding up processes, and taking care of the repetitive daily task, which gives you more time to do… well anything else!

    What Makes Telemarketing Effective? Don’t let your question go unanswered, find out what we have discovered that makes telemarketing effective! 


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