Design a Cold Call Script

How Do You Write a Cold Call Script?

Your cold call script should contain several essential elements. 

  1. It should introduce you and the organization you represent so there is no confusion as to who you are. You should also acknowledge your prospect’s name and title to indicate to him or her that you are knowledgeable about his or her function or job role.
  2. You should offer the prospect information of value or another benefit so that he or she has a reason to listen to you further. For example, international sales coach Jill Konrath suggests you cite a recent industry study or news article pertaining to your prospect’s line of work to capture their attention while also offering them helpful information.
  3. Summarize your offering and the results you believe your product or service will provide the prospect. Finally, your cold call script should have a call to action (CTA) to motivate the prospect to take the next step in your sales cycle, whether it be calling you back, reading an email with product information you sent them or visiting your website.

Some people use Robodialer Software to call lots of numbers quickly.  Creating a recording with the right script is vital to getting people to opt in to your service.

How Long Should a Cold Call Script Be?

Cold calls do their best when a call last 30-45 minutes, however, to truly make the most of that call, the agent must make the first 9 minutes informative and conversational. As every salesperson knows, it can be difficult and time consuming to develop a relationship with a prospect over the telephone. Many prospects are busy and therefore hard to reach, and when first contact is finally made, they can be either noncommittal, surly or evasive. 

Because you and your prospects have limited time available to talk, be sure to keep each cold call script as brief as possible. You might have to revise your cold call script a few times to remove unnecessary words and streamline your speech, but all of this preparation will be worth it. Sales representatives who make cold calls without using carefully prepared scripts will nearly always fail, so take advantage of your competition’s weakness and craft your cold call scripts in advance. Practice your cold call script multiple times until you are completely comfortable with it. If you follow all of these tips, you are sure to have a successful sales call.

Cold Call Template 

The best way to ensure that a prospect will respond to you favorably and engage in a meaningful discussion with you is to prepare and rehearse a cold call script, a carefully prepared spiel that will persuade the prospect to speak with you further, in advance of your call.  Let’s say you run local pool services such as Flawless Pools & Spas. Your script would be related to people in your area who have a pool they need to maintain.

In fact, you should actually prepare not just one but several different cold call scripts, each designed for a separate purpose:

  1. Short, condensed voice mail script–an intriguing yet brief message that motivates your
    prospect to call you back
  2. First contact script–concise introductory remarks designed to spark interest and persuade your prospect to listen to you and speak with you further, either immediately or in the near future
  3. Second contact script–follow up remarks to remind the prospect of the purpose of your call and to motivate him or her to interact with you in more detail

You will likely not make a sale during your cold call. Instead, the goal of your cold call script is to generate interest and to secure a commitment from your prospect to discuss your product, service or offering in further detail. The prospect might not have free time available to speak with you at length at the time of first contact, which is why you should also design a secondary contact script.

The goal is to keep contact with the prospect, strengthen the relationship and build the trust that the prospect has in your company, so when they are ready to purchase they will purchase from your company, not the competitors. This takes time and multiple calls, so don’t get discouraged after only a few calls. Remember, most sales take place after the fifth call! So, be consistent, have strong cold calling scripts for your campaigns, and build the B2C relationship.