Solar Lead Lists
Targeting Qualified Solar Leads

Finding Qualified Leads for Your Solar BusinessDue to the massive growth in consumer interest in green energy, now is a great time to be a solar company. Residential solar installations increased by 70 percent in a year-over-year comparison in 2015. Over 135,000

Cold Calling Scripts for Financial Advisors

While you may have become a financial advisor because you genuinely want to help people manage their finances so they get the best return possible, you probably now know sales is a big part of your job, too. Merely putting

Cold Calling Scripts for E-Commerce Businesses

If you’re in e-commerce, you may have entered the industry thinking that setting up a website would be enough to sell your products. By now, you’ve probably realized that you need to do more to distinguish your e-commerce store from

health insurance cold calling agents
Cold Calling Scripts for Health Insurance

Whether you sell insurance from home or you head into a local insurance agency every day, you know selling health insurance is a competitive business. While you may offer the most comprehensive policies at affordable prices, it won’t matter if

Best Cold Calling Tips and Techniques to Boost Sales

Best Cold Calling Tips and Techniques to Boost Sales Cold calling has long been a staple of many industries. It’s a classic sales technique that continues to bring businesses success in generating conversions. But with the booming growth of technology

What Advice Can I Give My Telemarketing Team?

Are you a sales manager with a telemarketing team to direct? When it comes to building a better customer base, expanding your company’s reach and scoring more sales, cold calls are a lot more effective than you might think. In

What Makes Telemarketing Effective?

In a world seemingly run by social media, online ads and digital content, some companies are forgetting the factor at the heart of business development — the human factor. You might think your emails and online advertising efforts are the

How Can I Turn a Cold Calling List Into a Sale?

We know — cold calls can give people cold feet. You have a list of prospects in one hand, a phone in the other, and you’re preparing to make a sales pitch to a lineup of strangers. You don’t know

Are the Days of Cold Calling Over?

Whether you work in business, real estate, insurance or another industry, odds are your company needs to reach more customers and recruit further business in the most efficient way possible. The classic solution? Cold calling. As a strategy for reaching

cold calling scripts for small businesses
Cold Calling Scripts for Small Businesses

As an entrepreneur, you know how hard it can be to attract new customers to your business. While promotions like a sale or an advertising campaign may work, there is one tried and true method that produces a positive return