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How to Leave a Professional Voicemail Message

Leaving professional voicemail messages is an important skill to learn, especially in the telemarketing industry. Regardless of whether you’re a politician working off voter lists or you’re just trying to sell insurance, these tips are proven to work, over and

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Phone Etiquette: Definition and 9 Tips How to Improve Yours

How Important Is Telephone Etiquette? One of the biggest problems with working in sales is that very few people like to receive a cold call. A cold call is by definition not one that a person is expecting, and when

Cold Calling Tips for Phone Sales
5 Unique Cold Calling Tips for Sales

No one likes a cold caller – which can make your life really difficult if you make cold calls for a living! Thankfully, there is a way of making a cold call without completely irritating the person that you have

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Consumer Lists will Jumpstart your Sales

Quality consumer lists are just what your business needs in order to give it much-needed jumpstart towards your marketing goals. If you’re using out-of-date, inaccurate consumer lists, your business is suffering.  How many consumers has your business been unable to

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Phone Leads Can Set Your Business Apart

Phone leads can help make a real difference in your business by adding a personal aspect to your marketing campaigns.  A lot of companies have taken a step back from using phone leads to generate sales, but telemarketing can still be

Cold Calling Tips for Business Leads
6 Cold Calling Best Practices

There are many different ways to go about cold calling.  Many people may be making cold calls, but aren’t sure why their results aren’t as good as they hoped.  In this post, we’ll talk about some of the best practices

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Is Cold Calling Dead?

Cold calling is still a very effective methodology for initiating contact with a client. But times have changed. In days gone by, cold calling could result in a 30 minute telephone conversation with a customer who had the time to

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Why Preview Dialers Are Perfect For Cold Calling Businesses

Preview dialers are automatic dialing devices that allow agents to view customer details from a list of numbers on the screen prior to calling. A preview or power dialer is connected to a telephone line and can be used by

Design a Cold Call Script
Cold Calling Script: How to Write a Phone Script

How Do You Write a Cold Call Script?Your cold call script should contain several essential elements. It should introduce you and the organization you represent so there is no confusion as to who you are. You should also acknowledge your prospect’s

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Telemarketing for Dummies: All the Tips a Beginner Needs

Many people who work in the sales industry know what the term ‘cold calling’ means. What many people don’t know is that mastering cold calling techniques is a stepping stone to success. While there is no magic formula that will