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Cold calling is still a very effective methodology for initiating contact with a client. But times have changed. In days gone by, cold calling could result in a 30 minute telephone conversation with a customer who had the time to listen to what you were offering, ask questions, and possibly set up an appointment time to discuss things further. These days, the world is faster paced and clients are busy and won’t make time for you unless you capture their attention quickly and efficiently, and offer them something they can’t resist. Attention to detail is critical. Here are some tips to really help you succeed:
  • Know your client’s name and make the call entirely about them.
  • Be ready and prepared to offer them something they need and want, and which ties directly to their business or interest. That means research. There’s little point in cold calling a customer with a great offer on dog bowls if your dialing a pharmacy.
  • Social profiles can tell a lot about a client and their interests, and checking sites such as LinkedIn could result in you discovering connections in common.
  • Know your client and know their needs. Respect that your client doesn’t have time for you and arrange to speak with, or meet them at a convenient time for them.
Physically preparing yourself for making a cold call is also imperative to your call’s success. Prior to placing the call, take a deep breath, smile, and relax. Even though your client can’t see you, they will be able to ascertain if your nervous, ill prepared, or tense. By all means use a script if you prefer, but once the call is live don’t read directly from it as even the most well rehearsed will sound static and faltering to a client on the telephone. Do all your practice before going live and refer to your script only to ensure you are covering all the bases. Cold calling is really very simple in theory. Pick up a phone and call someone. In practicality, it is a system that works well if you’re prepared. Be confident, well researched, and make your client your number one priority. Your skills with cold calling will grow the more calls you make. Be patient and you will soon find your cold calls turning into major successes.