Cold Calling Tips for Phone Sales
No one likes a cold caller – which can make your life really difficult if you make cold calls for a living! Thankfully, there is a way of making a cold call without completely irritating the person that you have called, and if you do it right, you could even transform that cold call into a sale. Here are the unique promised cold calling tips for sales that you should be following: 1. Make sure you have a reason for calling. This may seem stupid, but it actually makes a lot of sense. If your only reason to call is to make a sale, you are going to annoy people – but if you have a new product or service, an offer that they can’t refuse, or even a name drop that proves they were recommended to you, the person on the end of the phone is more likely to listen. 2. Bring in the benefits early. A listener is going to quickly switch off if you don’t make it clear to them early on what amazing benefits they could receive by buying from you. 3. Use questions. The great thing about questions is that they need answers! The person that you have cold called may want to finish the conversation as soon as possible, but by asking questions, you keep them on the line that little bit longer – and the longer they talk to you, the more time you have. 4. Smile! Scientists have proven that smiling on the phone actually makes your voice sound more friendly. Try it! 5. Always end with a call to action. Even if they are not prepared to make a deal over the telephone, that doesn’t mean that you should finish on a down note. Instead, ask if they are interested in learning more – then you can set up a face to face meeting, which could easily lead to a sale. In the end, a good deal has to do with the attitude and the effort that you’re putting forth.  Whether you’re using a top dialer or calling by hand, just about anyone can be successful with enough practice if they know the proven techniques. If you need leads for your cold calls, be sure to give us a look.