Cold Calling Techniques‎
One of the biggest problems with working in sales is that very few people like to receive a cold call. A cold call is by definition not one that a person is expecting, and when someone does not want to part with money or information, the conversation can become incredibly frosty. Because of that, it’s extremely important to keep good cold calling etiquette for your best chance at success. Keeping a phone conversation professional and polite can make a huge difference to the way that a cold call plays out. We have put together three cold calling etiquette points to help you achieve better success through your cold calling routine:
  1.  Introduce yourself clearly. One of the most irritating things about a cold call is that most people have no idea who they are actually talking to. A good way to combat this is to clearly and politely introduce yourself at the beginning of the conversation.
  2. Be happy to repeat anything. Brand new information can be very difficult to take in properly, especially if you are hearing it over the phone. This means that you will probably need to repeat a few things for your cold customer. You will need to ensure that you always remain calm and helpful during this part of the conversation.
  3. Agreement on terms should be backed up in writing.  When a cold call gets results, that is great! But you need to ensure that all of the good decisions and agreements that you made over the phone can be backed up in writing. Before you end the call,  make sure that you get the person’s email, and that you repeat it back to them to make sure that you have every single part of it accurate. The last thing that you want is to lose that connection.
Follow these three rules, and you’ll already be light years ahead of many of your peers.