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Cold calling is exactly what its name implies — an unsolicited call placed to an individual consumer or a business with the goal of selling the call’s recipient goods or services.

Now, what’s the difference between telemarketing and cold calling? Unlike cold calling where calls are always unsolicited, outbound telemarketing doesn’t always involve making unsolicited calls. Sometimes, telemarketers contact people who’ve expressed an interest in a product or service by sharing their email address on a website or who have contacted a business directly in the past.

To better define telemarketing, it’s helpful to consider the goal of telemarketing compared to cold calling. While both techniques are typically geared toward making sales at some point, telemarketing can be more broad-based in the sense that it may be intended to increase the awareness of your products or services. Even though the objectives of cold calling and telemarketing may differ at least on occasion, you can still use many of the cold calling tips that are available online to improve your telemarketing results.

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Cold Calling Explained

Cold calling generally starts with an organization purchasing a list of high-quality sales leads from a reputable provider like TelephoneLists.Biz. You can customize the lists you buy from us using various factors, such as location, income, industry and marital status. By targeting your lists, you can identify the prospects who are most likely to have an interest in your goods or services. Once you have your leads lists, you can import them into your CRM and start calling prospects. You can make notes about your calls and schedule follow-up calls as well. You can also update your contact records as necessary. Before you start calling the people or businesses on your leads list, it’s important for you to scrub it against the do not call list. You should make it a point to do this at least once, if not twice per year.

Is Cold Calling Effective?

Cold calling can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. The most important benefit is that it can move people along to more advanced stages of the sales funnel, ultimately leading to increased sales. In other words, cold calling can take a person from being a prospect to a qualified lead to a buyer of your goods or services. Even if it doesn’t lead to more sales, cold calling can make a greater number of people aware of your brand as well as the things you sell. It can also provide valuable insights into why consumers are or aren’t buying your products or services. These insights may shed light on opportunities to change your marketing tactics, improve your goods or services or introduce new items in your product mix.

How Cold Calling Works

At TelephoneLists.Biz, we give businesses of all sizes the chance to purchase leads lists at affordable prices to find new customers. Our prices, the value of our lists, our user-friendly web portal, our lack of restrictions and the ability to buy bulk lists cost effectively are what set our business apart from our competitors.  

How Cold Calling Benefits Businesses

Cold calling is an excellent way to generate leads, that then turn into sales. It is a proven method of marketing and selling and has stood the test of time. The benefits of cold calling for a business includes:
  1. Developing relationships between customers and the business
  2. Generating leads
  3. Making sales
  4. Marketing
  5. Getting to answer customer questions or concerns
  6. Competitive advantage over competitors

The Cold Calling Etiquette

One of the biggest problems with working in sales is that very few people like to receive a cold call. Cold call etiquette is revealed through many things like the caller’s tone of voice, their word choices, and the pauses they give in order to listen to the recipient of the call. Check out the 9 cold calling etiquette techniques that every agent should know!

Cold Calling Tips

If you want reps to take their technique to the next level, remember that the following tips will help them succeed before, during and after calls.
  1. Research Leads: If an agent is well-prepared, the prospect will be able to see that your agents are motivated to help them.
  2. Write a Thorough Script: Every cold caller should have a script to reference, and it should be entirely written out well before they go for the phone
  3. Pay Attention to Nonverbals: Agents should consistently pay close attention to controlling tone, speed, volume and pitch.
  4. Keep It About the Client: The focus should always remain on the customer and providing a solution that’s best for their needs.
  5. Don’t Sell: Rather than trying to rush a customer into a decision in the span of a few minutes, your agents should focus on a smaller but more important goal — commitment to a second conversation.
  6. Follow Up: About 80% of sales from new clients occur after at least five contacts, so don’t be afraid to try more than once or twice.
  7. Foster and Online Presence: Make sure you’re consistently keeping any social media profiles — including LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook — up to date with the correct information.
  8. Start With the Right Leads: Having quality leads to work with will make your agents’ jobs much easier and less stressful.

Cold Calling Mistakes

Cold calling mistakes can be be anything from having too much noise in the background to failing to build a relationship with the customer. These mistakes can be easily avoided if agents have the right tools and knowledge for making cold calls. Offer your agents continuous training and support to help them avoid cold calling mistake.

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