Imagine this scenario — you’ve been tasked with selling homeowners’ insurance to people living in a specific region of the United States.

What would be more helpful: an unfiltered cold call leads list or a telemarketing list with demographics you can use to identify the best prospects for your products? In this case, the second list would likely be much more useful to you.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s “2015 American Community Survey,” 65 percent of Americans own their homes and 35 percent of them rent. If you can’t filter a list with demographics for telemarketing, you may end up wasting time calling the 35 percent of the population that simply has no use for homeowners’ insurance because they don’t own their residences. Plus, you may waste even more time contacting people who live outside of the specific area your sales campaign is targeting.Telemarketing age demogrpahic