If you’re in e-commerce, you may have entered the industry thinking that setting up a website would be enough to sell your products. By now, you’ve probably realized that you need to do more to distinguish your e-commerce store from the thousands of others that are online. One way you can attract people to your e-commerce outlet is to introduce them to your products through cold calling.

Cold Calling Tips

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Here are some additional cold calling tips that can help you enjoy even greater success with cold calling:

  • Make a List of Benefits: Just like you, other consumers will be more likely to purchase a product if they know how it will benefit them. With this in mind, you should make a detailed list of your product’s benefits so you can share them with the people you contact.
  • Create a Specs List: While your prospects will want to know the benefits your product provides, many of them will also want to know about your product’s specs. Create a list of your product’s specs, such as its weight, height and width, so you’ll be ready to answer any technical questions about your product.
  • Smile: Be sure you have a smile on your face whenever you’re cold calling. While your prospects won’t see your expression, they’ll sense your cheeriness when you talk to them with a smile on your face, which will set a pleasant tone for the ensuing exchange.

Cold Calling Best Practices

Following some best practices can help you improve the results you get from cold calling. Even if your e-commerce business is new and you work out of your home or garage, you should still dress for the success you want to achieve. This means you should ditch the sweatpants and put on professional attire when you cold call. When you look and feel like the professional you are, you’ll come across that way over the phone, too.

More and more, consumers are looking to do business with organizations that share their values. Briefly explaining what your online store’s values are may sway your prospects to buy from you instead of from bigger, more established outfits like Amazon. Study the members of your target market, identify the values your e-commerce outlet shares with them and let your prospects know what they are. This is a best practice that can truly set your online store apart from its competitors.

E-Commerce Cold Calling Scripts

Using e-commerce cold calling scripts is both a best practice and an invaluable tip for success. As such, the topic deserves its own discussion.

When you use e-commerce cold calling scripts, they’ll help you stay focused. They’ll also help you avoid forgetting to mention vital information that may convince someone to purchase from you. Of course, your script may not be designed to gain a sale. Instead, you may simply want to increase traffic to your website.

Since your script will vary depending on your goal, we’ve prepared two sample scripts, one to open the door to an eventual sale and another to generate traffic at your online store. Here is a script that can lead to a sale down the line:

Hello, [Prospect Name]. My name is [Your Name] and I run an online store named [E-Commerce Store Name]. I’m contacting you because we just introduced an environmentally-friendly product line that’s ideal for families with young children. Our eco-friendly products make cleaning a breeze, without causing parents to worry about chemical residue left behind.

For a limited time, we’re offering families the chance to try a product sample and get 10 percent off their first purchase through our website. May I send you a sample and a coupon code for 10 percent off your first purchase at [E-Commerce Store Name] today?” [Pause]

“Great. Are you still located at [Prospect’s Address]? Okay, thanks for confirming your address. I’ll send your free sample and coupon code via FedEx today. I’ll also call back around this time one week from today to see what you think about our products and help you place your first order with [E-Commerce Store Name]. Thank you for your time.

If you want to generate more traffic in your online store, here is a script you can use:

Hi, [Prospect Name]. My name is [Your Name] and I’m the founder of [E-Commerce Store Name]. I’m contacting you with an exclusive invitation to visit our e-commerce outlet to check out our newly-introduced product line. When you visit [E-Commerce Store’s Website], we encourage you to use the coupon code ‘SAVEBIG’ to receive a discount on your first purchase. If you share your email address with me now, I can email you the coupon code and a link to [E-Commerce Store Name] so you’ll have them on hand to expedite your purchase. [Pause]

Thanks for sharing your email address. I’ll send an email to [Prospect’s Email Address] now. To receive future messages from us, be sure you add our online store to your address book. Thank you for your time.

Now that you have some sample e-commerce cold calling scripts, you’re ready to start calling the prospects on the leads lists you buy from TelephoneLists.Biz, which you can find here. Please share your success stories in the comments section below.