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Telemarketing is an integral part of the sales and marketing campaign of every business. It creates leads via direct interaction with potential customers and also increases brand awareness. Irrespective of the number of predictions made on the dawning era of telemarketing, it is still an effective way of lead generation and branding. The blog discusses the core areas where B2B telemarketing can prove to be effective for your business and the right way to go about it. Let’s begin. Download A Free Sample

Gains through Telemarketing

Marketing Data Improvisation

Market data improvisation implies gathering the contact details of potential customers and how their product/service usage is relevant to your market. Many businesses seek help of third-parties to get the USA calling data for call center, rather than hiring an in-house team of lead generation specialists, for more reasons than one. The team of telemarketers, after acquiring the data, usually performs a first-level filtering to ensure minimum time is wasted in pursuing inapt prospects.

Lead Generation

A recent Placester study shows that approximately 78 percent B2B marketers regard lead generation as their biggest challenge. Instead of relying on the highly paid sales executives, it always makes sense to have a team of dedicated telemarketers to generate leads. Business should rather let the sales team focus more on closing sales instead of focusing on lead generation.

Point of Sale Promotion

If your business distributes its products or services through multiple channels, it is always better to be in touch with distributors and resellers on a daily basis. The telemarketing team can make calls to ensure that your distribution channels are familiar with the existing or newly added products/services.

Customer Retention and Follow-up

The scope of use of B2B telemarketing goes beyond cold calling, data filtration, and promoting the point of sale. A business may use it to retain customers and follow-up with the previous ones. If your business, for instance, has set up an ecommerce website, you may call up the existing and previous customers to inform them about the new way of purchasing your products/service.

Yielding Optimum Returns from Telemarketing

To ensure the success of B2B telemarketing campaign, you need the right planning and implementation strategy. Let’s look at the key focus areas.


Be it B2B or B2C telemarketing, you need to figure out how to integrate it with your ongoing sales and marketing practices.Business needs to consider the budget, objectives for the quality of data required, and the in-house resources available for the job.


Even a qualified and interested lead may not buy the product/service, if the person making the offer lacks communication skills and product knowledge. The telemarketers should have sound knowledge about the product/service and ability to address any concern raised by prospects.

Data accuracy

Accurate data is a prerequisite for successful telemarketing. If your telemarketers connect with the right decision makers, it gets easier for them to pitch the offer and move the lead to the next level of the sales funnel. You might have to shell out more money to get accurate data for telecalling, but the investment is certain to payoff, if used wisely.

Last Few Words

A well-planned and executed telemarketing campaign can help a business achieve its sales and growth objectives. To get started, all you need is accurate calling data and a team of experienced telemarketers to reach out to potential customers. with its custom B2B and B2C data solutions, helps businesses connect with potential buyers and increase sales. Feel free to get in touch with our team to learn more about how we can help your business grow.