buy telemarketing lists for saleFor a successful telemarketing campaign you need good telemarketing lists for your sales team or call center. Our lead lists are affordable and a onetime only cost meaning no subscriptions. A lot of our competitors offer monthly rates or hidden fees, but once you purchase telemarketing lists from us, they are yours forever. They are always up to date within the same year when you buy making them the perfect way to generate new prospects to expand your business and help grow your sales without having to worry about tons of disconnected and outdated numbers.Our phone lists include residential and business data from the USA and Canada. The residential listings are compiled from local telephone directories so do not include unlisted or cell phone numbers. When purchasing a residential telemarketing list you will receive along with the telephone number a first and last name, Street Address, City, State and Zip Code. The business telemarketing lists also come with the address but also feature the company name, business code and a brief description of the business. Whether you are looking for residential or business telephone numbers, we have you covered. One list will be for one state or province, or you can buy the whole country for a discounted rate. It will come pre-sorted by area code and zip code and you will receive a separate file or each zip code and separate file for each area code. When purchasing a business telephone list it will also be sorted by business code to help sort different business types. Also included will be the entire list for the state not sorted.

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Telemarketing lists are available for all US states and all Canadian provinces and are all regularly updated. Lists come in .csv format which is very common and makes them compatible with all types of dialers, marketing and CRM software. They are also easily accessible as once purchased the lists are available for downloading with the option of them being provided on a CD if you prefer.

The targeted business lists are sorted into categories by type of business. This means you can sort by specific industries such as carpet cleaners or hospitals depending on your needs. You could be generating leads within a specific area of businesses. These sorted lists ensure you are not wasting time contacting the wrong types of businesses if you are looking to reach a certain industry. For our residential marketing lists, you can sort by zip code or area code to hone in on a certain local location if you wish.

If you are wondering how many numbers you will receive when purchasing a state list, just take a look at our State and Province Count page. Each state is broken down into the number of residential and business numbers available.

Purchase numbers for an entire state using this high quality yet user friendly software. You receive all this at a super affordable price making it a really cost effective method of growing your business. Another great feature is the fact you do not have to buy a list from just one state. You have the option to purchase lists for the entire USA or Canada.

When you’re getting ready to buy telemarketing lists, the biggest challenge is often finding telemarketing lists for sale that have the type of prospects you’re looking for. We make it easy to find the telemarketing lists that will work best for you, because we make it possible for you to sort our lists in various ways.

If you’re looking for U.S. telemarketing call lists for sale, you can choose between our classic lists and our affordable U.S. telemarketing call lists, which are targeted for your convenience and ease of use. If you’re in the market for a telemarketing call list for Canadian residents or businesses, our classic lists will provide the information you need to take your sales campaign to the next level.

Whether you want industry specific phone number lists or you want to buy phone numbers for telemarketing because you want to sell to individual consumers in the U.S. or Canada, you’ll love the versatility of our unlimited plans. For a low monthly fee, our unlimited plans enable you to create your own telemarketing lead lists any time of day or night using our expansive database of residential and business sales leads for less than one cent per lead.

Telemarketing campaigns are a brilliant way of reaching prospective customers communicating your message to them. It is also a great way of generating leads. Whether you need business or residential, let us provide you with our easy to use, affordable, comprehensive telemarketing lists for every state and province in the USA & Canada.

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