The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), after the  introduction of Do-Not-Call (DNC) Registry, reportedly registered close to 65 million registration requests in 2005, and  the numbers have been soaring ever since. In order to ensure compliance, businesses need to check their telemarketing data against updated DNC lists once a quarter, and must display their company name and contact number on caller IDs. Inability to stay updated or follow the guidelines may lead to a fine of up to $16,000 per errant call, not to mention wasted money and resources on innacurate call lists.

However, despite these strict regulations, many companies still practice telemarketing. The reason is simple – “it works”! But only if you know the right way forward. To help you make the most from the best telemarketing has to offer, here are some of useful steps to follow.

Upgrade Technologies
Checking telemarketing data with the DNC list every quarter is time consuming. It demands effort and strong database management skills. The problem can be solved with technologically advanced equipment and solutions. For example, predictive dialer technology uses statistical algorithms to reduce the time an agent spends in waiting between conversations. In addition to this, there is ID caller technology to ensure that your company’s name and phone number are displayed as they should be to the consumer.

Diversifying Tactics
Using new technology, telemarketing list management or training telecallers may be quite expensive. That’s why it’s advisable to use diverse tactics to craft a strategy that works for your unique business.  If one modus operandi fails, try another.

For example, if you are unable to make the targeted revenue through an inhouse team of telecallers, be open to outsourcing the work to another company. Conversely, if the call center you have hired is not delivering on expectations, perhaps it is time to bring your telemarketing in-house where your company can manage them directly.  Start with a small team and build from there based on return.

Seek  Help from a Third Party
Many businesses turn to third-party providers in order to obtain an updated telemarketing list for their campaigns. Telemarketing data companies cater to specific requirements of the clients by providing them with an  accurate and updated B2B and B2C lists as per the latest DNC Registry information. The outsourcing turns out to time saving and effective telemarketing execution strategy for them.

You might also consider investing in better consumer research so you can purchase the best call list possible. If your customer personas are off target, then your call list will only fail. With better customer insights, you can craft your call list to deliver only the highest quality target customer phone numbers.

To Sum it Up

Telemarketing, if done right, can be a cost-effective sales channel. In addition to following regulations and guidelines, businesses should embracing the latest software, technology and tactics to generate the best ROI possible. If you have not visited your telemarketing strategy in a while, and you find that your returns are diminishing, perhaps it’s time to speak with an expert. Contact us today for free advice on how you can make the most of your telemarketing efforts.

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