Sales Prospecting Tools

Prospecting in sales is crucial to the success of any telemarketing campaign. Therefore, having prospecting sales tools to help you narrow down your sales prospects will help immensely when it comes time for making calls. Not only will your agents be able to maximize their time, but you will also see an increase in sales! 

What Is Sales Prospecting?

Sales prospects are potential customers/buyers of the product or service that the company offers. A sales prospecting plan aims to expand the size of the potential customer base for the company offering the products or services. Agents can identify sales prospects using the company’s criteria of a qualified candidate, which will help them rule out the unqualified candidates. 

8 Sales Prospecting Tools You Will Need

Maximizing the sales and the agent’s time is the name of the game when it comes to telemarketing. Having prospecting tools will improve the process of prospecting as well as the outcome of prospecting. With that being said, let’s look at the 8 best sales prospecting tools you will want and need

Tools to Build Your Prospecting List

First and foremost you need a phone list. While you can get a general phone list and try filtering it out yourself, it’s very time consuming and can be difficult to do. Save yourself time and use a list broker who will listen to your criteria and provide a targeted or custom phone list. is the place to go when you need help finding the perfect leads for your business niche. Not only do they offer bulk lists, they also have a leads portal that allows you to build and customize your own list. Talk about convenience! 

Tools to Find Contact Details

Gathering information on prospects is no easy thing to do, but having information about them is vital to the qualifying process and is also necessary for communication. Agents could be wasting optimal sales hours trying to find prospects’ contact information or they could use a handy dandy prospecting tool to find the contact details. The former sounds like the better option! 


This tool can be used to find all email addresses of a domain. 


Similar to Hunter, you can use this tool to find email addresses associated with a LinkedIn account. Using the Google Chrome extension, you’ll be able to go onto someone’s LinkedIn profile and find the email that they used to sign up with.

Tools to Schedule Meetings

Can you imagine your agents never having to schedule another meeting again? Think of how much time you will be saving. No more sifting through inboxes, spreadsheets or checking the calendar for important dates. Let the tool do the work while you do your work!


It is used to easily schedule calls and meetings. Clara is a human-interface that is trained on high-quality data that can be depended on 24/7. Now that the meetings are taken care of, you can skip to the follow up strategies

Tools to Qualify Prospects

There are two main reasons for qualifying sales prospects: 

  1. It helps determine whether or not a prospect is worth the company’s time. 
  2. It helps the salesperson develop a more personalized approach.

Although qualifying leads is very beneficial, having to qualify prospects without the help of prospecting tools for sales is difficult to say the least. Having tools that will do the qualifying for you is an opportunity that you shouldn’t pass up! 


This tool can be used to research prospects in less time with whom you have a meeting. 


Mention is a media-monitoring tool that searches through all major news platforms and social media sites for anytime a specific brand, or keyword, is mentioned. This is an easy way to learn what your prospect has been saying online—and what others are too.


With Datanyze, all you have to do is go onto a prospect’s website and with one click it’ll pull up what technology and tools they’re using, the number of employees, annual revenue, and their connected social media profiles.


Crystal Knows analyzes public data and, using their unique algorithm, details for you that person’s unique personality profile. For example, you can learn the way a prospect prefers to communicate and what their behavioral tendencies are so you can better adapt your pitch and communication style.

All of these tools will help you save time so that you can focus more on selling and delivering results. Start by learning these 8 effective sales prospecting techniques.