B2B Leads List with TelephoneListsB2B telemarketing has its own set of rules, and when it comes to closing a sale; it is necessary to know the commandments to make it through the Nile. A sales call is nothing but a waste of time and resources, if the agent is unable to close the prospect, which requires more than high quality B2B sales leads lists. Therefore, in this post, we have put together a rulebook to help marketers go about closing a sale and making the most out of the B2B sales leads lists.

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Choose between Direct and Indirect Closure

Closing is the process of helping the prospects make a decision. Everything that the agents say to the prospects has a direct impact on the closing of the sale. The process of closing the sale starts right from the time the agents meet the prospects. Telemarketers often use direct and indirect closes in the process. Telemarketers prefer indirect close as it makes it easier for the prospects to make a decision. Direct close, on the other hand, puts a lot of pressure on the prospect and makes it difficult for them to make a decision.

In a direct close, the salesperson asks the prospect to buy the product or service. In an indirect close, the sales representatives follow the need-based selling strategy wherein the representative discusses the preferences and requirements of the customer.

Don’t be a Pushy Salesperson

When the prospect is ready to buy, but has a few objections – it may become difficult for the telemarketer to close the sale. Refrain from showing sympathy or using any other tactic, as this might increase the pressure and lessen the chances of sales closure. The ideal way to deal with the problem is to provide more information to the prospect and then make an attempt to close the sales.

Listen to Your Prospects

When you try to close a sale, avoid talking over the prospects. Ensure that you listen to all the questions of the customers, after you have provided all the information related to the product or service. If a prospect, for instance, clearly says that they don’t want a particular product or service you are pitching, don’t force them. Instead, ask whether they would like to get an email with further information about the product.

Be Genuinely Passionate

Prospects dislike telemarketers who sound like they are reading from a script. Don’t sound robotic and take a chance to go off the script, whenever possible. Always be passionate about the product/service you are selling to the client, even if personally you are not a huge fan. Rather than going on endlessly about the benefits of the product or repeating any info, try to lead the conversation to a closure.

Last Few Words

Every qualified lead doesn’t necessarily convert into sales. Telemarketers need to understand that it is more important to provide a pleasant experience to the customers so that if they don’t buy today, they may come back later.  Another thing to remember is – stop selling after the prospects give the final nod to purchase a product/service. Giving more options means the prospects might become unsure about the purchase and may not buy anything. As said above, telemarketing goes by a set of defined rules and those who follow them without deviation – emerge as winners.

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