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When we talk about cold calling, convincing a prospect to listen about your product or service might not be a challenge, the tougher part is following-up to drive a conversion. A follow-up call is where the sales cycle starts rolling, and the telemarketer establishes a relationship with the lead. Having a well-planned and implemented follow-up call strategy, therefore, ensures that the telemarketers don’t waste time chasing uninterested or wrong leads from their custom lists. In this post, we discuss a few effective follow-up strategies to help telemarketers enhance conversions. Download A Free Sample

1. Take a Follow-up Commitment

A rookie mistake that most telemarketers make is not asking the prospect about the exact date and time for the follow-up call. If a prospect asks the telemarketer to call after a week, chances are higher that it will either result in missed calls or a longer sales cycle. Therefore, agents need to ask the exact date and time to follow up with prospects. This is a simple but an extremely powerful tactic that works in most of the cases.

2. Be On time

After a prospect is willing to speak with you on a particular date and time, make sure that you don’t take the follow-up for granted. It is important to honor the opportunity and never be late, even by a minute. Punctuality shows that you respect the prospect’s time and also presents a professional image of your organization.

3. Slip-ups to Avoid

Refrain from using common opening statements that do not help in differentiating you from the rest of telemarketers. “I am calling to follow-up on the proposal” or “I wanted to ask if you have made a decision” are the opening statement blunders and you should stay away from using them. All that you need to focus on is, make the opening statement sound more vigorous.

What to Say Instead?

Follow these four steps:
  • Step 1: Introduce yourself using full name
  • Step 2: Provide your company’s name
  • Step 3: Remind the client of the discussion in the previous call
  • Step 4: Come to the agenda

4. Don’t Pester the Prospect

It is important to be persistent, polite, and professional, but pestering should not be a part of your follow-up strategy. If you are unable to reach out to the client despite taking a follow-up commitment, leave a message to tell that you called at the particular time. Instead of calling every half an hour, wait half a day to give the prospect a chance to call, to ensure you are not perceived as a pushy salesperson. A solid follow-up strategy is what differentiates you from the rest of the telemarketers in the competition. To learn more about telemarketing strategies that can help your business excel, keep checking our blogs. If you need custom consumer list or business list for your business, feel free to call us at 1.888.981.3099 or 1.972.713.6622.