Warm Up Your Cold Call
Everyone knows the value of quality business lists for high performing telemarketing and telesales operations, but what else besides good phone lists can immediately improve your conversion rate through calls? Check out these simple, non-techy tips, to get you started:
  • Personal touch – Build a personal relationship with your customers by referring to them by their name and profession.
  • Smile – It is always a great idea to smile when you talk. Smiling, even when the person you are talking with cannot see your face,  elevates the positivity in the conversation by changing the tone of your voice, slowing down your talk speed, and increasing your listening capacity.
  • Timing – Businesses can improve the timing of their telemarketing campaign. For instance, a good time to call is just after lunch hours when many people are easing back into their work and are more likely to have time for a conversation. On the other hand, calling potential customers first thing on a Monday morning is not a great idea. That is the time when most people will be busy sifting through and responding to their official emails.
  • Striking a conversation – The key to making the most of your business lists is to sound natural and friendly when introducing yourself and your purpose for calling. Subtle nuances of making conversation, such as pausing after introducing themselves also help the telemarketers to ease into sales talk.
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