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Telemarketing 101

Your guide to Telemarketing 101 is here! Telesales businesses across the US and Canada know that good telemarketing lists are crucial to their success. Included below is everything you need to know about how to make the best calling list for telemarketing

If you are new to telemarketing, check out our beginner’s guide to telemarketing before you get into your calling list.  

The Advantages of a Good Telemarketing List

If you have a good call list, telemarketing is a cost-efficient, direct way to connect with a vast group of prospective customers across geography and time zones. If your call list is outdated, contains irrelevant information, or targets the wrong audience, telemarketing is phone SPAM and frustrating for everyone involved.

For small businesses, telemarketing can be an invaluable tool as it saves a considerable amount of time and money that would have otherwise been spent sending a team to conduct door to door selling. Closing a sale through telemarketing can be five times more cost effective than sending a salesperson in person. With effective telemarketing, businesses can sell their products from any geographic distance and expand their sales territory.

If your targeted customers are located in hard-to-reach places, you’ll need targeted telemarketing lists. Your telemarketing efforts are what will determine the success of your telemarketing campaign.

What Makes a Cell Phone Number List Good?

Although telesales is considered to be one of the most effective ways of converting leads into customers, all of your efforts will be wasted if your telemarketing call list is insufficient. Your efforts will be costly in money and human resources. 

Whether you decide to create a telemarketing list on your own or seek help from a third-party, priority number one is the quality and validity of the list data. 

A good telemarketing list will be “fresh,” meaning up to date, and have the call leads you know are most likely to convert into your customers. A good list will also enable you to filter, sort, and retarget your calls for a higher conversion rate.

Buying Telemarketing Lists From Trusted List Brokers

Finding a reliable list broker is essential to attain a good list. When you source your telemarketing list from a reliable third-party, the chances of getting a more precise list increases. 

List brokers can provide lists with specific demographics to suit your needs. Some of them even have Online Leads Portals that give the customer access to the database and a wide range of filters, so the software can filter their list from them! Wherever you get your cell phone list from, do your research and be sure the list broker is reliable and understands your needs out of the list. 

Many brokers sell good data but if the data doesn’t target the leads you’re after then it’s useless to you. 

Scrubbing Your Cell Phone Number List

Since its inception, the Do Not Call Registry option has had a profound impact on the telemarketing industry in Canada and the US. Making a telemarketing list on your own isn’t easy, especially when there are chances of getting penalized if the customer registered for Do Not Call makes a complaint following your call. You do not want to end up paying a ridiculously high fee all because you didn’t scrub your list. Do your research and know the telemarketing sales rules before you call. 

While the DNC list is an important telemarketing rule, it isn’t the only guideline you need to follow. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go internet surfing to find the answers. We have a brief guide to outbound telemarketing to get you up-to-date with the rules and regulations. 

Segmenting the Telemarketing List

Segmenting your data makes your list more manageable and helps to organize the leads. It will also help the sales team with making the sales because they will have more information on the lead. 

For instance, if the salesperson starts calling the segmented list by job role, they will be able to focus on selling to the person’s job role. Job roles are just one way to segment a list, but there are 7 other segment criteria you can use such as.

Having the segment to focus on when calling gives the sales person something specific to talk about with the individual and allows them to focus their mind on that selling technique instead of switching methods for each call as you would in an unsegmented list. 

Validating the Customers on the List

Validating your customers can be done before the lists are formed. When validating and researching the criteria for the list we suggest creating 3 different research areas

  1. Target Market 
    1. This can vary for each product 
  2. Data Composition 
    1. How much information or how little information you have on a lead.
  3. Value Proposition
    1. How much value you can offer to potential customers.  

Tips to Make Your Telemarketing List More Effective

Once you’ve got your list, there are steps you can take to improve its effectiveness. Below are just a few of the best practices you can adopt. 

Deduping the Telemarketing Call List

When you buy telemarketing lists it is always a good idea to check for duplicate numbers. Occasionally, you will even come across multiple numbers for one person. To avoid this, there are two options. 

The first is using a software, like the Dolphin Dialer, that will remove the duplicate numbers for you. The second option is to filter them out yourself in excel. Either way, you’ll want to remove the duplicate numbers, so you don’t risk calling the same person multiple times. 

Updating Your Telemarketing List

Numbers, addresses, and other contact information change daily. People will move, change job positions, and switch phone numbers, therefore, you will need to update your list frequently to ensure the accuracy of your cell phone number list

Four times a year is the recommended amount that you should update your list, however, you might find that you need to update more or less. 

Re-Using the Cell Phone List

Of course, you will want to re-use the list for telemarketing. This is to be expected, however, you don’t want to call people over and over again within a short period of time. You need to create a frequency to how often your salespeople call and keep track of the people you have already contacted, so when you call them next, you know it’s been enough time for them to consider your offer.

How to master the sales follow up? Here is the frequency at which we recommended following-up with your leads:

  • 1st call: wait 2 days to follow up
  • 1st follow up: wait 4 days to follow up 
  • 2nd follow up: wait a week to follow up
  • 3rd follow up: wait two weeks 
  • 4th follow up: wait a month
  • 5th follow up: wait a month (from here on out call once a month) 

What Other Telemarketing Tools Do You Need

Telemarketing tools, specifically software, are worth the investment. They will pay off in no time. A good telemarketing software for business has these features:

  • Automated Calling Solutions
  • CRM Tools
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Monitor and Whisper Coach 
  • View Live Reports
  • Create Campaigns 
  • Assign Leads to Agents & So Much More!

Put Your Telemarketing Lists to Work

You now know how to get a good call list, now you need to know how to optimize those numbers to get the most sales. It will all come down to your cold calling script. The three most valuable pieces of advice you’ll receive are to (1) keep it short, (2) make the introductory shocking or intriguing, (3) in the follow-up call/email remind them of your offer and be consistent with your follow-ups. 

Let’s get you started on step one to Telemarketing 101 with a nice telemarketing data list! Learn how to fire up your sales with a good telemarketing list!

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