cold call list scrubbing tips Even if you’ve worked in the same call center for years, you’ve probably worked for managers who had very different management styles. Managers are people too, after all, so they are not wired the same way like robots are. If you’ve been in the workforce long enough, it’s likely you know from firsthand experience that certain kinds of management styles are appropriate at different times. Sometimes, an organization may need a leader who’s focused on the day-to-day details, while a manager who is more concerned with the big picture may be more suitable at other times. Download A Free Sample Because call center managers can vary widely from one another, we thought it would be fun to examine the different call center management styles you may encounter over the course of your career. Our discussion of leadership in a call center can also help you decide what kind of manager you want to be if you choose to pursue a management position in the future. If you’re already a call center manager, you’ll enjoy learning what kind of leader you are.
  • Laissez-Faire Manager: Employees often prefer this kind of manager because a laissez-faire boss is, by definition, laid back and hands-off. While this kind of leader may be popular with call center agents because he or she trusts them to do what they should with minimal supervision, a laissez-faire manager needs an experienced, skilled and disciplined team of agents to be successful in a call center.
  • Autocratic Boss: An autocratic boss is exactly what the name implies — a manager who runs a tight ship by commanding obedience from their employees. An autocratic leader is normally easy to spot because they’re not shy about using fear to manage their call center agents. A high turnover rate is also a sign that an autocratic boss is in charge of a call center.
  • Democratic Leader: Democratic leadership in a call center is known for being a participation management style. That’s because democratic managers usually solicit feedback from their employees before they make a decision. A democratic manager empowers their call center agents to achieve goals and improve performance.
  • Transformational Boss: Transformational bosses know how to motivate call center agents, and their charisma makes others want to follow their example. This kind of manager is often brought into a call center when the center needs to develop and implement a new way of conducting business. A unifying influence among call center agents, a transformational leader manages with encouragement, enthusiasm and focus.


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