how to buy phone numbers for cold calling

If you’re trying to figure out how to buy business phone numbers for cold calling, you may think it’s as easy as picking up the phone and calling the first list broker that pops up in your search browser. While that’s certainly an easy way to get some phone numbers, figuring out how to buy business phone numbers for telemarketing in an efficient and cost effective manner is actually a bit more involved…or, it should be.
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How Do You Buy Phone Numbers in Bulk?

When you’re looking to buy telephone numbers, it’s important for you to research the sources you plan to buy lead lists from. Even though this requires more time upfront, it’s more efficient and cost effective in the long run because it will ensure you’re buying high-quality leads from a reputable company. This will provide a hedge against your team wasting time calling large numbers of leads that are outdated or simply uninterested in what you’re selling, saving you time and money overall.

Before you buy phone leads from a broker, you should ask for a list of references you can contact to see how satisfied they were with the lists and services the broker provided in the past. Ideally, these references will be in an industry similar to yours, but you should still contact them even if they’re not. The idea is to get a feeling for the broker’s track record of success before you buy a list of leads.

Whether you want to buy leads online for the USA or you plan to buy a leads list for Canada, you should ask several questions of the broker you’re considering before you make a purchase. Here are some questions you should ask prior to purchasing phone leads:

  • What is the minimum purchase I have to make?
  • How much more will it cost for you to filter the lists I purchase?
  • How do you collect your contact information?
  • How often do you update your telemarketing lead lists?
  • How complete are the individual records on your sales leads lists?
  • Do you rent or own your lists?
  • Will I own the list I buy from you? If so, can I resell it?
  • Can I get a refund for the inaccurate and incomplete leads on my lists?

Knowing the answers to the questions listed above will help you choose the right broker. For example, if a broker doesn’t update their records at least once annually, you’ll probably want to continue shopping for another source to buy bulk phone numbers from.

What to Have in Mind When You Buy Phone Numbers for Telemarketing

You may be wondering why the list of questions you should ask a broker doesn’t include mention of scrubbing the lists you buy against national or regional Do Not Call lists. In general, there isn’t much point in asking a broker if this is part of their standard business practices because even reputable companies such as TelephoneLists.Biz normally don’t do this for legal reasons. This means the responsibility for scrubbing the lead lists you buy is on you.

Remember: Scrubbing your list once may not be enough depending on the length of your sales campaign. In the United States, the federal government requires you to scrub your lists of cell phone numbers every 15 days. The government also mandates that you scrub your lists of landlines every 30 days.

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