Do Not Disturb
In the middle of a meeting, movie or family dinner – telemarketing calls had become an intruder in the personal and professional lives of US citizens, until the introduction of the National Do Not Call Registry back in 2004. To get a grip on the situation, Federal Trade Commission gave US citizens the power to put a tab on promotional calls by starting the DNC registry service. Though the registration is open for all and can be done anytime by visiting, the cooling off period can be up to 31 days, after which telemarketers are obligated to cease all contact attempts. However, most subscribers fail to realize there is another side of the story. Reasons to Not Register for Do Not Call Registry Service While nobody likes to be interrupted by unwanted sales calls, there is certainly a brighter side of telemarketing. Clearing the smokescreen on telemarketing, here are the reasons why you should say no to Do Not Call registry service: Reason 1: Subscriptions & Offers If you are someone who never keeps a track of the broadband subscription, cable TV or mobile number, do not subscribe for DNC. Chances are high that the customer service representatives might stop giving payment reminder calls to you. Also, they will not be able to inform you about the discount offers and freebies available with new schemes; needless to elaborate the savings you would desert by registering with DNC. Reason 2: Reminder Calls Forgetting the next appointment with a doctor or beautician is a commonplace for most people. When you are always on your toes, it is always difficult to keep a track of your engagements. Although most clinics, salons, and other entities following appointment-based customer engagement give a reminder or confirmation call, they might be unable to get through to you if your number is listed in the DNC registry. Reason 3: Important Updates DNC can sour your shopping experience for those who want to be the first one to shop as soon as a new product arrives. For instance, if you are registered customer of a retail store, you might not receive the members-only sale notifications about upcoming products and their launch dates. Therefore, to stay in tune with time and be the first one to get your hands on the latest products, do not opt for DNC registration. Granting Consent Though the DNC registry isn’t too personalized, consumers are still free to make certain choices. Consent works for the consumers who have signed up for DNC but would like to receive alerts from specific entities. It supersedes a sign-up with DNC registry. Apart from written consent, consumers can express their desire to receive telemarketing calls by sending an email, filling up website form, sending a text message, pressing telephone key or voice recording.