Getting ready to call a lead
No business can effectively run with just one marketing channel. While social media and email marketing are quickly becoming marketers’ favorite inbound marketing tactics, telemarketing hasn’t lost its charm. It still occupies a compelling position in a business marketing campaign and can drive conversion if carried out smartly. Telemarketing creates an immediate, real time direct two-way engagement and conversion opportunity that’s difficult to replicate through social media. According to a study by B2B Marketing, 40 percent of marketers believe that telemarketing is the best way to generate high-quality leads. In the era of online marketing, the traditional tactics such as one-on-one telemarketing still stand out. What Makes Telemarketing Uniquely Beneficial? Primary reason is the direct conversation between the marketer and consumer. For example, if a phone operator is introducing a new plan for its customers, dropping them an email or message about the tariff and benefits won’t serve the purpose fully. Instead, a telemarketing call will give the caller a chance to explain about the plan in detail and customer can ask all sorts of questions related to the plan to decide if he wants to take it or not. Another advantage of telemarketing is building relationships. Even if you haven’t launched a product/service, a one minute call to the existing customer to get feedback about your company’s product/service he is using can help you plan strategy for the future. Also, the client-centric attitude always keeps a company in good books of its clients. Make Your Telemarketing Campaign Work To get maximum revenue from an outbound telemarketing campaign, a business needs an accurate & customized call list. Approaching individuals who are not interested in the product is a waste of time & resources for any business. When you are looking for customized USA phone numbers lists, trust the experience of a third party telemarketing list provider. Be it consumer lists, business lists, or custom lists that you are looking for, a reliable and experienced company will ensure that you get an accurate data of the potential customers as per your requirements.