sales call mistakes to avoid

The corporate decision makers usually seek refuge behind the gatekeepers to stay away from the reach of persistent telemarketers. The gatekeepers might ask marketers to send an email instead of calling, or tell straightforward that the bosses don’t take sales calls or present other obstacles, which brings us to the big question:

How to Get Past the Gatekeeper?

Businesses spend a lot of money to buy business lists. Therefore, for their investments to be worthwhile, their telemarketing team needs to be efficient at dealing with the gatekeepers. On that note, let’s take a look at some simple tips for telemarketers to reach out to decision makers (DM), without wasting much time with the gatekeepers:

Do Your Research

Before you make the first call, try to find the contact information for the decision maker, if you cannot find it, you must at least find out their name. It is always in your favor to know more about the decision maker if possible. Things like their title, their tasks within the job, and any relevant information about the company they work for. Once you know these things you will have a better chance at reaches the decision maker and making a good impression.

Be Direct

Don’t waste anyone’s time or your own time. Be courteous but also direct as to the purpose of your call. If you do reach a gatekeeper, they likely have instructions to get the name and reason for the call before relaying the message or transferring you. They are much more likely to do so when you are clear about who you are and your purpose for calling. If you reach the decision maker they also want to know upfront so they know whether they want to continue the conversation or promptly end it. The agent can always try again at a later date or know for future reference that they were not interested.

Intonate like a Seasoned Professional

Managers are not treated the same way as the workers, so it is necessary that you make the gatekeeper believe that you are important. Speak slowly and articulately in a calm voice and try not to divulge more than what is required. When gatekeepers believe that you are a senior person, they might let you you get through or at least not grill you with multiple questions.

Use the Knowledge of the Gatekeeper

A gatekeeper restricts the interruptions in the routine of the DM but might have important information about the business. Talk to the gatekeeper to find out if you have approached the right person for the work and try to cross-check all the details you have with the gatekeeper. The questions that you ask need to be simple and non-intrusive to get a better picture of the DM.

Talk to Their Team Members

This is where doing your research comes in handy. If you are unable to reach the decision maker, the next best option may be their direct team members. Although they might not necessarily make the decision, they will be able to relay the information if they (a) think the product/services your selling is worth it and (b) if they work closely with the decision maker. These will likely be the people in similar position or similar levels of hierarchy. For instance, an entrée level employee may not feel like they have the authority or access to pass on the information to a CEO, but the CFO would feel that they could.

Don’t Pitch to the Gatekeeper

The gatekeeper isn’t the buyer but someone with the power to connect you with the decision maker. If the gatekeeper, for instance, asks “Can I tell my boss what the meeting is regarding?” – don’t pitch your business to them. Irrespective of how desperate you are to turn a potential lead into a sale, don’t pitch to the gatekeeper.

Try to Sound Natural

Avoid using scripts when trying to get past a gatekeeper, and plan your approach based on the rhythm of your conversations with them. An effective way is to plan the responses to the key objections that might come from the gatekeeper, but make sure that there’s room to improve the dialogue during the conversation.

Listen to them Actively

The benefits of actively listening on sales call are endless. You can find out information about the company, about the roles within the company, about the company needs, contact information, etc. During that time of actively listening the agent should take diligent notes because it will become useful in the future calls with the company.

Don’t Think the Gatekeeper to Be Your Enemy

Remember that a gatekeeper is the connect between you and the corporate decision maker. A part of their job is to manage the demands of their boss. When you consider the gatekeeper as an enemy, it gets even more difficult to communicate and establish a cordial business relation.

Marketing is an art and what works for the other person might not work for you. It is, therefore, better to create your own style of bypassing the gatekeeper instead of rigidly following the set rules. In all cases, you need a trusted business list broker that can pave the highway of success for your business, by providing the details of targeted potential customers. Once you cross that bridge, all that will be left to do is buy business lists.