Sales Lead Management with TelephoneLists
Business sales leads are a fundamental requirement for the growth and sustainability of an organization. Though many companies invest a healthy sum in buying high-quality business sales leads, not all are able to drive optimum conversions from their investment. The main reason for the failure is not having a comprehensive lead management strategy in place, which, to a large extent, is attributable to certain myths about the science. To clear the smokescreen, in this post, we debunk five of the most common myths surrounding lead management, and save you from getting caught in the web. Let’s begin. Download A Free Sample

Myth 1: “Only warm leads must be pursued actively.”

There’s no denying that leads showing eagerness to do business need to be actively pursued. But, even the leads that qualify as prospective should also be followed eagerly because there are chances that continuous tracking may turn them into eager clients. While an enthusiastic lead requires relatively less commitment from the team to close the deal, cracking a potential lead is what will motivate the professionals. Such leads too need to be pursued through planned nurturing and possibly passed to the sales team for a quick qualification call that will act as the final nail.

Myth 2: “All leads are good for business.”

Getting leads in a large number is both a boon and bane for organizations, as although a large number of leads is a positive sign for businesses, having a long pipeline may send some wrong signals. That’s because many of them would not yet be ready to go ahead with a purchase or be associated with your organization. Moreover, 2012 B2B marketing benchmark report shows that approximately 61 percent B2B marketers send all leads directly to the sales team, even though only 27 percent of those leads qualify for a sales call. This makes it vital for organizations to identify a worthy lead from all that they receive because not every is eligible for business time.

Myth 3: “Only sales teams can determine if a lead is a good fit.”

Although the sales team are the best people to turn to if you need info about any prospect, they are certainly not the only ones. Rather than depending on just a single team, the ideal thing to do is collaborating the sales, marketing, and business intelligence teams. All the members can then work together to prepare a strategy that helps determine a quality lead from an unqualified lead. A recent study by SalesFusion shows that closely working marketing and sales teams deliver up to 20 percent higher conversions than nuclear teams. Working together enables both the teams to comprehend with the strategic objectives of the organization that allows them to be certain of the opportunities they need to pursue.

Myth 4: “Demographic data is enough to decide lead quality.”

Demographic data is vital for the organization as it informs whether the potential client is situated in the target region. However, considering it as the only thing that can help in identifying the lead’s quality isn’t the right approach. There are other factors such as website visits, email responses, resource downloads, and others that come into the picture as they help in know if the lead is engaged with the business objective. Combining all this information will enable you to validate the lead.

Myth 5: “Only in-house lead generation assures quality leads.”

In-house lead generation is very handy in getting quality leads, but studies indicate that organizations often find it tough to manage the complicated in-house lead generation processes. A study by MarketingSherpa points to the fact that firms that outsourced their lead generation process got 43 percent better results than their in-house efforts. A reason for this disparity in belief and reality can be attributed to the fact that outsourcing firms have the expertise and infrastructure to generate leads as per business needs. Ineffective lead management is one of the reasons why companies find it difficult to get prospective clients on board. Even if you are able to stay clear of these lead management myths, you need to invest in high-quality business sales leads. That’s where TelephoneLists.Biz can help. To learn more about how we can generate targeted business mailing lists for your business, simply call 1.888.981.3099 or 1.972.713.6622, or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you, soon.