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Telesales has enabled countless businesses to connect with millions of customers and generate billions of dollars through business leads. Though the strategy is still going strong with no signs of slowing down,  the way it is executed has undergone radical transformations during the last decade or so, with the advent automated dialer software being one of the key turning points.

Telesales can be complex, especially given the exhaustiveness of telemarketing databases and pre-defined monthly targets. Automated dialer software overshadows the conventional telemarketing approach that is quite time-consuming, as telecallers are required to follow a series of protocols, before they may actually converse with a prospect.

What Is an Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer increases the efficiency of the team by automatically dialing the group of numbers and passing live calls to the agents. The dialer knows whom to call and at what rate, which also maximizes the efficiency of telecallers. In addition, there are various advantages automated dialer software comes with make it essential for your sales campaign.

Let’s take a look.

No Wasted Calls

Empty households, busy signals and uninterested receivers do no good to your business, but sure consume a significant amount of resources. Having an automated dialers ensures that the telecallers don’t waste their time in calling such numbers. The solution discards all unanswered calls, disconnected lines, busy numbers and unavailable numbers, before they reach the queue.

Easy Lead Management

Some automated or predictive dialer software comes with an inbuilt lead management software application that helps in filtering out unqualified leads and DNC number. This is a quick and efficient way to filter business leads, manage leads and get better business. Moreover, the agents also get a common platform to follow up on customer requests.

Enhanced Team Performance

When there is no need to manage exhaustive telephone lists, the agents get more time to fine tune their pitches by incorporating novel product selling tactics. They don’t have to spend time on the phone listening to the ringtone of the person on the other side only to find out that there is no one to answer the call.

Why Invest in an Auto Dialer for Telemarketing?

Higher number of outbound calls, efficient management and receptive customers means better sales. To learn more about our automated dialer software, contact us today at 800-713-8353 for a complimentary consultation.

How to Choose an Auto Dialer for Telemarketing?

You need to look at all your options when it comes to choosing an auto dialer and you need to understand what your company needs from a dialer. Here are four things to consider when picking an auto dialer:
  1. The features included (if they have the features you want)
  2. The limitations of the product (the downsides)
  3. The pricing ($-$$$)
  4. Who the product is suitable for (large company, small company, scalable)

The Best Auto Dialer Software Out There

Find out who is offering the 10 best outbound telemarketing software on the market! We break down the best auto dialers available, their features, prices, limitations, and who the product is suitable for.