Telemarketing List with TelephoneLists
Using a custom lead list helps you target your customers better, thereby, enabling your agents make the full use of their man hours. A custom telephone list is an effective marketing tool as you can come up with specific calling strategies to make the optimal use of organizational resources. Using different factors to segment your call list is one of the most effective steps you can take to get more out of a custom telephone list. To help you out with the task, the blog enumerates some criteria you can use to achieve this objective. Take a look. Download A Free Sample

1. Past Purchases

Create a custom telephone list that includes contact info about customers who have purchased in the past from you. You can use this data to determine the products/services they’re interested in and call them when you have a relevant offer. Sweeten the deal by providing additional services or complimentary products to increase the chances of conversion.

2. Knowledge About the Brand

Another criteria that you can use to segment your call list is the brand awareness levels of your prospects about your offerings. You can refer the purchase frequency data of your customers to learn about their levels of knowledge regarding your brand. There are good chances that a consumer who has shopped for the same product/service time and again would know about their specifications.

3. Age

Segmenting your list according to the age of prospects help you connect better with your target audience. For example, you can remove the details of prospects that fall in the age group 36-49 if you’re a game console seller in the US, as they’re least likely to buy the product. At the same time, if you’re a game console seller in Japan, the age group would be 16 – 30.

4. Geographical Location

Use zip codes to segment your target audience according to their geographical location, especially if you’re not a global business and have limited presence. Targeting local customers enhances the chances of conversion as you can assure them of timely services.

5. Customers’ job Roles

The job roles and seniority levels impact the salary levels, experience and preferences of your prospects and can affect their buying behavior. For example, if you offer luxury cruise, targeting VPs, Directors, and MDs makes more sense than pitching your product to a marketing co-ordinator.

6. Abandoned Shopping Cart

Around 50 percent of shopping carts are abandoned without the customer making a purchase. The data can have huge implications if you own an ecommerce business. Targeting customers on the basis of this criterion can help you know the pain points arising in your business. Your agents can resolve the problem from their end once they know the issues the customer faced which can result in a conversion.

7. Gender

Segment your call list according to the gender of your prospects if you have separate offerings for males and females. For example, you can target female customers when you have offers on your feminine clothing line if you’re a merchandiser who deals in outfits for females and males.

8. In-store vs. web Store Buyers

Do you have a brick and mortar store as well as an online store? If yes, you can segment your call list according to the type of campaign you’re managing. For example, if you have online offers, you can call customers who frequent your online stores and can get in touch with customers who are frequent visitors to your physical store if you have in-store offers.


Custom list building can help you learn about customer preferences, their buying behavior and other data that can help you serve them better. At, we offer custom telephone lists to suit the needs of your business. We serve corporates, big and small from different industries and can customize our offerings to help you achieve a healthy conversion rate. Call us today at 800-713-8353/ 972-713-6622 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.