The growth of a company depends largely on the performance of its sales team. Therefore, it is imperative to hire the right people with the right attitude to build a team that consistently delivers and keeps the company’s growth chart trending upwards. To make it easier for you to recruit the right sales representative, here are some of the most important questions that you must ask the contenders at the time of the interview. Download A Free Sample

1. Why did you choose sales?

This is an interesting question that tells you how interested your candidate is in a sales job. If they tell you that they got picked up sales because they like to interact with people, or if they show keen interest in the product or services your company is selling, it’s a positive sign. Similarly, candidates who say they joined sales because of incentives are also a good bet.

2. How do you approach your target audience?

The question will help you understand how logically the candidates define and approach their target audience. Ask them to give you an example about how they would approach your company’s target audiences. A competent sales rep will be able to make a positive impression if they follow the right approach, even if your company’s product or service is completely different from what the candidates used to sell in their last job.

3. How do you manage leads?

There are few who understand the importance of lead management, especially if the business thrives on economies of scale. The ones who do and implement a proper lead management strategy are those who top the sales leader board. Therefore, if you come across a candidate who understands the importance of lead management and demonstrates the ability to effectively manage leads, there should be no reason why you shouldn’t recruit them.

4. When do you stop pursuing a client?

Being persuasive is a good-to-have attribute for sales people, but pursuing a client even when they have given you a clear indication that they are not interested is beyond reasoning. In fact, it may even tarnish the company’s reputation. Therefore, look for a candidate who understands the difference between being persuasive and ‘going overboard’, and knows when to call it a day.

5. What part of your job you find the most challenging?

Make sure you don’t hire someone who doesn’t like to do what matters the most to your company. The question also helps you determine the weaknesses of the candidate. While their answers should not discourage you from hiring them, but if they dislike doing what will be required from them, it is a red flag, no matter how good the candidate appears to be.

6. How do you stay driven?

Sales jobs can be hectic, with the number of rejections sales people face being much higher than the successes they achieves. The question helps you get an insight into the candidate’s attitude towards their job. A competent sales professional knows how to tackle rejection. They do not let rejection take control of their emotions, and always figure a way to bounce back, no matter the odds.

7. How proficient are you with data mining?

Sales reps should not completely rely only on companies to provide them consumer data lists. At times, they may be required to generate leads on their own. Therefore, they should be able to mine consumer data and create their own consumer phone lists or mailing lists. Ask the candidate what process do they follow for data mining and how it helps them sell better.

Last Few Words

Good sales reps are hard to find, and therefore, once you are able to recruit the right ones, make sure you have a proper retention policy in place to avoid your best players from leaving the ground, especially due to any reasons that could have been resolved with some intervention. Retention policies are important because they help create a positive work environment and gives employees a feeling that they are important to the organization. In addition to skilled sales rep, you also need high quality consumer phone lists to achieve your business objectives. This is where TelephoneLists can help. Feel free to contact our support desk to learn more about our consumer mailing lists.