Telemarketing Lists strategy with TelephoneLists
Using telemarketing lists to target customer bases is an integral part of the marketing strategy adopted by corporates all over the world. Telemarketing is interactive and helps you create rapport with your customers, thereby enabling you reach out to a wider customer base. That said, you need to use the Canadian residential database or other regional database with a proper game plan to meet your ROI goals. To help you achieve this objective we have compiled a list of steps you need to take. Read on. Download A Free Sample

1. Strategise Before Calling

First and foremost, decide on the markets you want to target. Evaluate different factors such as the competition, your USP (if any) with respect to your competitor, the need of the service you’re offering and the market conditions. Monitor active groups on social networking sites to learn about consumer behavior and to build a target list. Create a script with an interest generating intro, thought-provoking questions, and a sales hook.

2. Train Agents to Identify Buyer Issues

Sticking to a particular provider doesn’t mean the customer is happy with their services. There are times when people have to bear with poor service levels due to lack of alternatives. It is, therefore, important that you train your agents to work on their questioning techniques centered around the USPs you bring to the table or issues that exist in the market. Taking up such issues can help create a need for your service, thereby, enabling you get the most out of your Canadian residential sales lead or any other local database you’re using at the time.

3. Work out Techniques to get Past the Gatekeeper

A gatekeeper such as the decision-maker’s secretary or receptionist will try their best to block your calls, thereby preventing your agents from getting in touch with the decision-maker. To get past the gatekeeper, train your callers to sound authoritative to ensure they are in the commanding position throughout the conversation. They should avoid disclosing important details while ensuring they spend as little time as possible engaging the gatekeeper (remember they’re not the decision-maker).

4. Build Rapport with the Decision-makers

Your agents sounding like cold callers is the last thing you’d want, as it can turn-off the decision-maker. Instead, train them to develop an empathising tone. Additionally, your callers must be capable of picking up words and phrases used by the person and adjust their tone according to that of the decision-makers to create an instant rapport with them.

5. Train Callers on Smart Questioning Techniques

Get started with a set questionnaire and include it in your script. That said, your agents should have the presence of mind to mold their questions according to the customer’s conditions. A conventional sales pitch won’t work in most cases, and the customer is most likely to hang-up once your agent starts trying to oversell. Additionally, your callers should not hurry through the proceedings and need to take short pauses between the prospect replying and they asking the next question. The answers should be short and to-the-point in case the decision-maker has any queries.

6. Focus on Handling Objections

Instances of customers raising objections over the call are not rare, and your agents must be ready to handle such situations. Empathising with the prospect and showing them the value proposition you’re offering will help you build rapport with them. If the prospect says they’re not interested in talking, your agents must ask them courteously the correct time to talk to them. If the decision-maker objects on the price of the offering, the caller must seek permission to enumerate the USPs of the product/service to justify the high rates.

7. Follow-up

Make sure your agents follow-up on past calls and provide information and relevant data (if requested) in time without failure. Keep the prospect updated about your activities relevant to their needs. Additionally, ensure your agents call back on the date and day they said they’d be calling back the last time they had a conversation with the prospect.

The Way Forward

Using a telemarketing list is one of the most effective ways to convert cold residential sales leads in Canada and elsewhere to warm ones. Make sure you buy business and residential lists from a reputable provider to get the most out of your telecalling list. offers phone lists for sale. Over the years we have earned the trust of thousands of clients including some of the most prominent names in their industry such as Mitsubishi, Wells Fargo, and DIRECTV. Call us today at 800-713-8353  to get a custom list or leave a message on our message board and someone from our sales team will get back to you shortly.