Sales Personalities with TelephoneLists
As a business, you may have the best custom lead list, cutting-edge telemarketing software and automation tools to simplify workflows; however, selecting the right sales people and grooming them always remains a challenge. If you have the right people on board, they can be trained to drive consistent sales for your business. As there are numerous sales methodologies, salespeople need to develop a unique selling style of their own. Helping you develop the right sales mindset for your people, the blog post discusses five personalities that your salespeople can develop. Take a look. Download A Free Sample

1. The Friend

Making a sale is a mind game, and people prefer to buy from someone they appreciate or feel connected during a conversation. Therefore, training your people to be friendly with the prospects can be a good move. Sales reps using the buddy approach never appear pushy to the prospects and are good at camouflaging the temptation of presenting the product at the first go. Rather, they first establish an emotional contact with their prospects, followed by pitching the product later. This warm and friendly approach can help in gaining a number of warm leads over the time if a prospect is convinced that a rep is showing genuine care and not faking it.

2. The Guru

The Gurus perform the essential groundwork before pitching a product and give precedence to a logical approach rather than establishing emotional connections. Such sales reps present the image of a subject matter expert (SME) in front of their prospects, and are ready to answer any questions or objections related to the product and conveying the value proposition. Mastering the Guru approach requires polishing product demonstration skills until a prospect is satisfied about the features of the product. The approach can also land a sizable number of warm leads into the sales funnel, once a prospect is appeased by the product and domain knowledge of the rep. Moreover, the Guru approach also has an additional advantage of generating referrals over the time.

3. The Consultant

Though your salespeople can act as a friend or a Guru, mixing the traits can take your sales numbers to new heights. A consultant possesses the acumen of a “Guru” and emotional intelligence of a buddy- an irresistible combination for crunching the sales numbers. Sales reps utilizing the consultant approach first perform the groundwork about the product or service, and then plant the value of the product in the mind of the prospect. The result is – “A Sale.” The consultant approach requires patience, as chances of selling the product in a single go is lean and may involve multiple follow-ups. A sales rep with a decent knowledge and ability to establish an emotional connection prior to selling is a great combination, difficult to be turned down by the prospects.

4. The Socializer

Salespeople utilizing the social approach are eccentric networkers and depend on a number of sources to generate leads. They understand that generating and closing a lead takes time, and pour in constant efforts other than routine calling. Whether it’s about meeting a prospect in person or developing connections outside work; they do it all for the sake of sales numbers. Instead of trying to close a single sale, they prefer building a stream or funnel of prospects over the time and get rewarded with a number of referrals.

5. The Persuader

Salespeople with the persuader approach are highly focussed and connect with a prospect with an intention to sell in the first go. They work contrary to the concept of “sales process,” and try to persuade the prospect to buy the product. More often than not, reps using this aggressive approach undermine the needs of the prospect and try to sell straightway, without even conveying the value proposition associated with the product. Though putting in honest offers to generate a lead is alright; however, the persuader approach is more apt for seasoned sales professionals as they can use it in the right way without sounding too desperate.

The Bottom Line

The key to creating a sales team of star performers is guiding the selling style based on the other nature of the prospect and other dynamics involved. As far as the basic need of custom lead lists is concerned, got you covered. Our custom leads are designed keeping in mind customer preferences and buying behavior, helping your business serve them better. To learn more about our custom lead lists, give us a call at 1.888.981.3099 or 1.972.713.6622. Alternatively, fill out our contact form, and one of our representatives will get back to you, shortly.