Inside Sales Rep with TelephoneLists
Inside sales has come a long way during the last decade. A recent survey by Harvard Business Review suggests that, compared to outside sales, inside sales reps can bring in new leads at 40 to 90 percent less costs. Though it goes without saying that accurate telemarketing data and cutting-edge calling tools are prerequisites to ensure sales success, as a business owner, you need to devote equal attention to identifying and nurturing the potential of your sales reps. To help you align your sales people with your goals, the blog post discusses a few must-have skills for every inside sales rep. Download A Free Sample

1. Product Familiarity

An inside sales rep has to pitch a product to multiple prospects, making it necessary for them to gather a comprehensive knowledge about it. The representatives need to convey the value proposition it has and why it’s a better option than the alternatives. Your product can win prospects, if inside sales reps can effectively highlight the features separating it from the challengers. Sales managers need to test and ensure that inside sales reps have gathered adequate product knowledge and are aware of it’s finer nuances before they start pitching.

2. Prospecting

Instead of engaging inside sales reps in cold calling, managers need to try and utilize their skills in a more sophisticated manner. This may include lead profiling, lead nurturing, seeking referrals from closed leads, or reviving inactive leads. Managers can every now and then utilize their sales reps for a few cold calls, but should emphasis more on maintaining a solid pipeline. When telecallers are busy with cold calling, inside sales reps should take the ownership of nurturing the leads. Though basic prospecting can be a part of the overall sales training, inside sales reps can develop advanced skills through mock training, and active coaching and monitoring.

3. Rapport Building

A famous quote by Zig Ziglar says, “People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy for emotional reasons”. The aim of your inside sales reps should not only be to “sell”, but also build your brand. When reps talk and connect on common grounds, the chances of converting a cold lead to a warm or hot lead increase manifold. While some reps have a natural flair for developing rapport, other can develop it through training and gaining hands on experience on sales tools. Once they are done with the research, they can figure out a strategy to incorporate empathy in their approaches with prospects.

4. Need Based Prospecting

Pitching the benefits of a product without understanding the pain areas of the prospect is usually fruitless. Your prospects need a real world “reason” to invest in your product. If, for instance, you pitch an inside sales software solution to a person who is looking for a predictive dialer, the proposition will not have any intrigue. Offering a blended software solution with inside sales and predictive dialing capabilities, on the other hand, will seem like a more compelling reason. Managers, therefore, need to teach inside sales reps to rely more on need based prospecting rather than product based.

5. Objection Prevention and Handling

Many sales opportunities slip through your hands as the reps fail in addressing the objection raised by a cold lead. Many inside sales managers skip objection prevention before moving on to objection handling, leaving a skill gap in the inside sales team. Rather, your sales reps should be trained to design an approach that restricts the roof for objections. Even if there is an objection, the rep should refrain from counting it as a lost sales opportunity and do their bit in to convince the cold leads and help them overcome the objections.

The Way Forward

Unlike outside sales reps, inside sales teams can work from remote corners of the world; provided they are equipped with the right tools and telemarketing data. Using accurate and updated telemarketing data ensures only qualified leads enter the sales process, boosting the productivity and output of your sales reps. No matter whether you are looking for targeted or generic telemarketing data relevant, the search ends at To learn more about our lead generation lists, call us at 800-713-8353 or 972-713-6622 or fill out our contact form.