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When it comes to any form of marketing, customer retention is as important, if not more, as customer acquisition; in fact, many industry experts regard it as the more difficult feat to achieve among the two. As thousands of brands are available in the market, customer loyalty plays a crucial role in getting your brand on the top. Telemarketers have a role of their own to play in this matter. They need to come up with strategies that will a prospect into a loyal customer of the product. The blog discusses four things telemarketers can and need to do for customer retention.

First impressions

People deal with so many telemarketing calls that it’s hard to stand out. Even so, there are some ways through which you can make a good first impression on your customers. There’s, however, no one particular rule that you need to follow; just ensure to apply everything you’ve learned during every cold call. Put your best foot forward, flatter the prospect a little but not too much and don’t impose yourself on them in any scenario. Be open to the idea of calling them a few times before getting a sale, reference or anything else out of them. A personalized sales pitch, leveraged from custom telemarketing lists also helps.

Their terms, not yours

Whether you are setting the time and date for a follow-up call, finalizing the terms of a deal or trying to get through a gatekeeper to reach the CEO, always let the person on the other end have their way. When the prospects know that they are dealing with a brand that takes their say into account, they are more likely to stick around. Another important point that you need to remember is to avoid sending an excessive number of promotional e-mails and texts to the prospects.

Keep in touch

Follow-up calls, event invitations, trial offers are a few ways of keeping in touch with your prospects. The important point to remember is to do it meaningfully, without coming across as a shady company that wants to do nothing but make money from their patrons.

Reward loyal customers

Giveaways in the form of coupons and implementations of loyalty programs go a long way in creating goodwill among patrons and converting them into loyal customers at the same time. The logical thing to do here is reward customers who have been with you for a long time than others and highlight their achievement to others, in an effort to set a benchmark. The presence of numerous brands makes it all the more important to get customer loyalty to get your brand on the top. Those were the four effective ways of building brand loyalty. provides custom telemarketing list to target the right customers and turn your leads into sales. You can contact us for further information.