Telemarketing Tools

All the essential tips, tricks, tools, and telemarketing software you need in order to thrive on telemarketing in 2021! 

A Guide to Telemarketing

Let’s start with the basics. The tools we’ve listed are as essential as nails are to a hammer. You will need them to telemarket! 

While we are helping you understand the tools you will need, we aren’t covering the knowledge that you’ll need to telemarket. View out our brief guide to telemarketing to gain knowledge about telemarketing and the laws for the industry.

Telemarketing Equipment

The essential equipment required for telemarketing includes:

  • Headset
  • Computer 
  • Internet connection

It might not seem like much, but you don’t need much to telemarket today. With auto-dialer systems like the Dolphin Dialer, everything can be done through a computer. 

Phone Call Lists

If you have a good call list, then telemarketing will be cost-efficient and help connect your business with a vast group of prospective customers across geography and time zones. If your call list is outdated, contains irrelevant information, or targets the wrong audience, telemarketing is phone SPAM and frustrating for everyone involved.

If you want to learn how to optimize the use of your list and optimize your agents’ time, we have some simple and effective tips to help improve the effectiveness of your telemarketing list

DNC List Scrubber

While you can pay a fee to have a company scrub the list for you, you can also get a free DNC scrubber to do the scrubbing for you. A DNC scrubbing software allows someone to upload a telemarketing list + the do not call list, then it scrubs the telemarketing list against the do not call list they’ve uploaded, to show them which numbers should not be called. 

A telemarketing tool like this would come in handy because not only is scrubbing your list a must for legal reasons, but it is something you will need to do repetitively

Get one now to save yourself time and money!

Read more about DNC scrubbing and compliance here to be sure you understand the law and all it entails. 

Telemarketing Scripts

Whether you create one or use a script generator, both methods need real-life testing. Do not just assume that your scripts will be successful. You need to understand what cold calling scripts are successful before you create your own. 

Here are a few resources we thought would be useful to you as you create/select a script: 

Telemarketing CRM

CRM’s are non negotiable. Without it, your data on your customers and leads will be unorganized, your sales pipeline will be unknown, and your sales progress will be hard to identify. A CRM for telemarketing is capable of solving all of those problems plus more! With new advances in technology, you can find products that offer many solutions combined into one software. Most cloud-based telemarketing software have built-in CRM, like the Dolphin Dialer, mentioned above. 

Telemarketing Software 

Telemarketing software consists of automation that covers the repetitive tasks that salespeople have to do daily. The goal of this type of software is to minimize tedious tasks like emailing campaigns, chat boxes, scheduling, etc., so the salesperson has more time to focus on selling. Written below are some of the most valuable telemarketing softwares with automation. 

Auto Dialers for Telemarketing

Auto dialers for telemarketing serve to increase efficiency in telemarketing by automatically dialing the group of numbers and passing live calls to agents. Dialers are designed to know who to call and at what rate, so telemarketers can maximize their time and get the most use out of their list. 

VoIP Telemarketing Software

VoIP telemarketing software is a technology that uses a method of delivering voice communications and multimedia sessions over internet protocol networks. It works as both an inbound and outbound telemarketing software. The best kind of VoIP software will include the following: 

  • Automated Voicemail Drops 
  • Spreadsheet Uploading Ability
  • Ability to Check The Status of The Lead (EX: Warm, Hot, Cold)
  • Compile List Based On the Lead Status to Call
  • Create Email Templates
  • Assign Leads to Agents
  • Etc.

Pre-Recorded Voicemails

Another crucial time saver are voicemail drops. You don’t need to wait for the beep to recite your message over and over again because you can send them the voicemail you already created.  With just a click of a button, you can send pre-recorded voicemails, so when no one picks up you simply send them your message. This allows you to contact more people in less time. 

The only downside is if your message isn’t perfect, you could lose the potential customer. It’s best to perfect your voicemail now so you only have to do it once. Check out some tips on how to leave a professional voicemail so you can ensure more sales from your voicemails.  

Email Automation

The last handy-dandy telemarketer software is email automation! 

Emails, although they can be short and sweet, still take up your time. Just like with voicemails, emails take up a lot of your time. With email templates already created, an email automation tool could simply send the right email to the right person at the right time! That means you don’t have to reserve time in the day to respond to inquiries or send follow-up emails. I wonder what you could do with all that extra time? 

Telemarketing Training and Workshops

As with any job, you’ll need to grow in your professional development. Industries and technologies change often so keeping up-to-date and in-the-know is important for your growth as a telemarketer. Learning from other professionals in your industry is also imperative in gaining knowledge and wisdom. Lastly, learn from your own experiences and find resources to help improve areas where you might be lacking in. 

Telemarketing Strategy

With the right tools, one needs a good strategy in place. To create a sales-ready leads strategy you need to focus on three key points:

  1. The Marketing Funnel (Used to Qualify Leads)
  2. The (DPCT) Dream Prospect Centric Training (Determines Sales-Ready Leads)
  3. The Direct Marketing (Communication with Prospects Through Advertising Channels) 

Build Up Your Telemarketing Campaign

It’s important to think big and see the full picture when building your telemarketing campaign. Combine all your telemarketing elements into one – from tools and techniques to goals and measuring the results. 

Now that you know the three keys to any telemarketing strategy, take that knowledge and build up a successful telemarketing campaign and begin selling! 

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