Businesses Are Making Way for the VoIP CRM

Before starting a business, instead of looking for customer relationship management solutions, you probably purchased a few other things before “opening up shop” to provide yourself an effective work environment. For instance, you bought a desk and computer chair to have a comfortable place to sit. Then, you set up an actual computer and business phone to communicate with your clients. Perhaps you added a printer and fax machine, too — who knows exactly. Regardless of what you bought, the bare necessities were acquired so you could at least operate your business in an organized manner.

Inasmuch, an even stronger consideration should be given to how you organize your most important business asset — your customers.

Targeted Phone Lists

“Hey, put me back in order!”

When your first handful of sales came rolling in, you likely improvised a filing method for retaining client records using pencil and paper. Then, depending on the decade you began your company, you graduated to using the classic or electronic Rolodex so you could rapidly flip through your customers’ information alphabetically. Ahh, the good ole days.

Although these methods and devices are very old school, in theory, can still work. However, maintaining client information in such an antiquated manner is now considered a tedious process, wasting valuable time that could otherwise be directed toward doing something else, like acquiring more customers. Simply put, it’s 2018 now and there is an easier, faster way of creating and accessing customer records with powerful software called customer relationship management, otherwise known in the business and telemarketing worlds as CRM.

In short, CRM is an elite tool that millions of businesses use everyday to facilitate customer management, sales, customer service, lead nurturing, followups, marketing campaigns, and more. And it works great — but the technology has already moved past standard CRM.

“Clearly, VoIP CRM is more effective than standalone CRM.”

Today, many companies are beginning to streamline sales calls and customer service with even smarter software known as VoIP CRM. It performs the same major functions that most customer relationship management applications offer, but VoIP CRM is special in that it allows businesses to function as a call center of sorts, featuring tools that enable telemarketers to handle outbound and inbound calls directly from their CRM platform. Having this superpower provides businesses a highly convenient, efficient, and affordable way to organize their work and fortify business-customer relationships. Clearly, VoIP CRM is more effective than standalone CRM.

VoIP CRM wins

1st place: VoIP CRM;  2nd place: regular CRM;  3rd place: Rolodex”

What businesses love about VoIP CRM is that all calls are carried through the internet instead of a regular telephone line, saving them big, big bucks every year. In fact, there is an entire growing industry dedicated to building, hosting, and updating the software that makes this goal possible. Overall, if you consider yourself a serious business and you wish to save your company time and money by streamlining a lot of your work, including phone calls, then it’s absolutely time for you to begin utilizing VoIP customer relationship management — it will truly make your job 10 times easier!

With that said, there are plenty of VoIP CRMs to choose from. Having a wide selection is great because you need to perform due diligence anytime you’re considering making an impactful change to the way your business operates. But if you’re just now learning about what VoIP CRM can do, or you’re still shopping around to find the perfect one for your business, then look no further. The team at EVS7 researched for hours on end and compiled a list below of the best VoIP CRMs available in 2018. After learning about these solutions, you’ll be ready to ring in the new year by embracing a popular, better alternative for retaining your important clientele data.

Please note: If you’re already happily using CRM and simply want to make VoIP calls with it, there’s no easier solution than the Cricket Click Dialer softphone. It’s super inexpensive and includes unlimited inbound and outbound calling to the USA and Canada. The click dialer works exactly how it sounds: you click to call any phone number within your CRM database and Cricket dials it instantly. It’s great for those who’ve always wanted to try something similar to hands-free dialing. Now, without further ado, here is a list of the best VoIP CRMs for telemarketing of 2018.

The Best VoIP CRM for Telemarketing of 2018