Targeted Email Lists

Search and filter consumer or business emails to reach your next customers. Quick, easy, and effective email leads for targeted campaigns.

Targeted Email Lists

How to Search for Targeted Email Leads

Choose Your Plan

You can choose the consumer email plan or the business email plan. The base plan comes with a certain amount of email leads each month, but you can buy more any time. No contracts, and may change or suspend your email plan at any time.

Choose Your Email Lead Type

Once you get access to the portal, you’ll be able to select from US Consumer Leads, US Business Leads, Canada Consumer Leads, or Canada Business Leads.

Search & Filter Your Leads

Search our databases nationwide, or narrow it down to zip codes, postal codes, counties, area codes, cities, or states. You can then filter for demographics such as homeowners, age range, credit scores, mortgage info, business industry and size, and much more.

Download Your Email List

Select the amount of targeted email leads you wish to download and then you’ll be able to save the CSV file to your computer.

View List of Full Demographic Filters and CSV Headers

Targeted Email Lists Web Portal Demo

See a demonstration of our easy to use web portal and how to search, filter, and download email lists in CSV format.

Simple Transparent Pricing for Targeted Email Lists

Consumer Email Leads Plan

No Contracts
$ 99 Monthly
  • 1500 consumer email leads per month
  • Includes name, address, phone, & more
  • Choose your filters and download to CSV
  • Ability to buy more email leads any time

Business Email Leads Plan

No Contracts
$ 99 Monthly
  • 500 business email leads per month
  • Includes contact name, phone, & more
  • Choose your filters and download to CSV
  • Ability to buy more email leads any time

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get targeted email lists easily by selecting demographics and filters on a web portal like and then downloading them in CSV.

Generating email lists is possible with just a few clicks by using web portal. Choose consumers or businesses and your preferences such as industry, home-owner status, age, or credit and then download a CSV quality lead list.

Quickly filter email leads by income level, home owner-status, age and more by choosing demographics in a web platform like

Portal for Email Marketing Lists

Unlock unlimited access to our vast database of targeted email lists and business contacts within the US, all for an economical monthly subscription.

Navigate our intuitive web-based portal with ease. After logging in, select your desired demographics and download your targeted email leads. It’s never been simpler to connect with the right prospects.

Whether you’re conducting local or national campaigns, our platform facilitates the discovery of your ideal targets.

Our leads are refreshed every quarter to maintain the highest level of precision.

For US consumers, our database is equipped with comprehensive filters including Age, Homeownership, and Income levels. For businesses, detailed filters like SIC codes, contact names, and revenue figures are available.

Benefits of Our Targeted Email Leads and Marketing Database:

  • Say goodbye to exorbitant costs of up to 20 cents per lead. Our targeted email leads program is a cost-effective gateway to potential customers.
  • Utilize our portal’s saved search feature to refine your email leads based on various demographics, optimizing your marketing campaigns.
  • The leads are not only targeted but also fresh and ready to be integrated into your dialer or CRM, or email marketing platform in CSV format. We regularly update our lists for accuracy.

We offer unparalleled value, providing comprehensive access to a wide range of targeted email leads and business contacts across the USA. You’ll have full command over your list, applying the filters you need to fine-tune your sales and marketing efforts.

Targeted Consumer Email List Sample

The Biggest Benefit of Using Sales Lead Lists 

Harnessing targeted email and sales lead lists to draw in
new clients offers a multitude of advantages. The principal benefit is the
achievement of a favorable return on investment by securing new customers

Strategies for Engaging with Your Email List Contacts

The initial cold email presents a unique opportunity—the chance to make a lasting first impression on potential buyers.

Crafting a memorable first impression lays the groundwork
for a robust, enduring relationship, converting a prospect into a lifelong
customer. To foster this connection, it’s crucial to develop a sales script
that resonates with your prospects and to communicate value through your dialogue.

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