As a call center manager, it’s vital having the right tools to help you increase your service level, agent efficiency, or increase sales.  Whether you are just getting started with your call center or looking for a new solution to better optimize your existing one, call center software comparisons can help enable you to make the right buying decision. Let’s take a look at the best call center software solutions on the market for use for inbound, outbound or blended call center campaigns with information on trial availability and quick reviews on price. Some of these applications are hosted, run in the cloud, use VoIP, and/or feature integrated CRMs. Whether you need a outbound call center software or inbound call center software or blended call center software solution, there are a multitude of options that can fit your needs.

Some of the dialers have AMD for outbound calling or ACD for inbound calling. The best call center software commonly includes a manager portal for managing agents, viewing reports, and controlling lists. For most of these solutions, you will need a good internet connection (preferably wired) and a USB headset for calling. Another great tool for turning your call center into a competition to motivate agents is through call center gamification. 

EVS7 (Electronic Voice Services)

EVS7 has been in the industry for over 20 years as an established name and offers a variety of solutions. The Parrot Predictive Dialer & Cloud Contact Center allows call centers to scale quickly and receive calls or dial up to 5 lines per agent all from the cloud. The Parrot is customizable and all-inclusive; there are no add-ons that hike up the price. Some of its features include a predictive dialer, advanced reporting, campaign management,ring group management, IVR, and ACD. EVS7 is one of most affordable options out there and is packed full of features along with an extensive library of training videos.

**Editor’s choice for best solutions** 

Free Trial or Demo?

Free trial available for Dolphin Cloud Power Dialer.  Free demo for Fox Answering Service and Parrot Predictive Dialer.

Pricing: $$

Fantastic value.

Dolphin Dialer

Free Trial or Demo?

Free Demo on request

Pricing: $$$$

Pricey options

The inContact cloud call center software is scalable and includes a basic foundation of multi-channel ACD and speech-enabled IVR. A predictive dialer, CRM integrations, call recording, and workforce optimization are some the available add-ons. inContact is a SalesForce channel partner.

8×8 cloud-based Virtual Contact Center is an contact center solution that includes all the necessary features, such as the outbound dialing, IVR, call routing. Their pricing starts at $100/user monthly and they have different service level plans that offer more features such as CRM integration, agent routing, and analytics.

Free Trial or Demo?

Free trial available

Pricing: $$$$

On premise solution requires expensive hardware.

Free Trial or Demo?

Demo available

Pricing: $$$$$

Quite expensive

This virtual call center is VOIP-based, hosted, and is one of the biggest names in the market. Five9 lets you choose from 4 slightly different options: predictive dialer, power dialer, progressive dialer, and preview dialer modes. They also put a big emphasis on social media with their contact center. Five 9 is a SalesForce channel partner and a publicly traded company.

Interactive Intelligence provide 3 contact center solutions: PureCloud Engage, Customer Interaction Center, and CaaS. PureCloud Engage is a cloud contact center with features such as multichannel routing, IVR and reporting.  The Customer Interaction Center includes some of the same features at the previous product along with workforce optimization and business process automation. CaaS is a custom-built solution of on-demand services for call centers. 

Free Trial or Demo?

Yes (only for PureCloud Engage)

Pricing: $$$$

Free Trial or Demo?

Online demo available 

Pricing: $$$$

Aspect offers several different call center products including: the Zipwire Cloud Contact Center, Customer Experience Platform (CXP), and Web Customer Care. Zipwire provides omni-channel customer care with advanced recording and reporting capabilities. CXP adds self-service channels with IVR, SMS, and Mobile Web. Web Customer Care provides an online chat platform. Customers can pick and choose which solutions best fit their call center.

There you have it–a fast rundown of the best solutions and call center software comparisons. Some products are all-inclusive while other feature multiple add-ons that can quickly skyrocket the cost. As you may have noticed, cloud solutions are immensely popular. The cloud brings unprecedented flexibility to your call center, reducing hardware restrictions and the need for a singular location.

We recommended that you take advantage of free trials and demos from multiple different products before choosing your software. Review websites like Capterra are also great places to conduct research. Be sure to note not just the monthly cost of the software but also any setup fees and training costs. Whether your organization is small, medium or large, there is a call center software solution out there for you.

Disclaimer: is owned by Electronic Voice Services.  Are we a little bit biased?  Of course, but we did our best to present the facts and help provide customers a way to do their own research as well and find the solution that best suits their needs.

In the comments below, let us know your experience with any contact center solutions. Is a cloud-based solution important to you? What were other must-have features for you?